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Illumination Night 2016. Paul Goldfinger, Blogfinger.net. image © Click to enlarge.  

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor, Blogfinger.net

Illumination Night is a traditional event that was brought back to life in 2014.  The latest version will be held  this Friday, August 4, 2017, in the evening from 8-10 pm. As before, the activities will be in Auditorium Square Park, the Hub and the Hub’s Courtyard.  (All adjacent to the Great Auditorium.)

Lights will be installed around the park and on houses and tents. The light motif is especially important this year because it reflects the Camp Meeting Association’s  theme for this summer, “Let your light shine.”

Paper bag lights are being decorated by the children of the Thornley Chapel kindergarten and students from the Riptide school.

Illumination Night has become a community event.  Neighbors come with the kids and meet friends. It has been a happy occasion of the sort that Ocean Grove needs more of.  Blogfinger has been impressed with the numbers of young families and children who enjoy being out for this  night-time gala occasion.

However, last year there was concern on Blogfinger as to whether this event would evolve into a secular or a religious event. In 2016 there was a sermon and some Christian music.

This year there will be live music  and there will be catered food such as hot sandwiches for sale.  Other town eateries may participate. There will also be displays by the OG Candy Shop, the Historical Society and the Chamber of Commerce.

Lynda Kusick, the Hub Manager, is setting up the event.

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