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This information is from the Washington Post which today published George P. Schultz’s Dec. 11, 2020 opinion piece called “The 10 most important things I’ve learned about trust over my 100 years.”

George P. Schultz. Washington Post photograph. 2015.


“George P. Schultz is a former U.S. secretary of labor, treasury and state, and was director of the Office of Management and Budget.   He is a distinguished fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.”

Here is the quote that introduces his essay:

“Dec. 13 marks my turning 100 years young. I’ve learned much over that time, but looking back, I’m struck that there is one lesson I learned early and then relearned over and over. Trust is the coin of the realm. When trust was in the room, whatever room that was—-the family room,  the schoolroom, the locker room, the office room, the government room or the military room—-good things happened. When trust was not in the room, good things did not happen. Everything else is details.

“There are countless examples of how that lesson was brought home to me across the past century, but here are 10 of the most important.”


Blogfinger rarely publishes complete articles from other sources, but this is special because of its insights regarding how to get along with others. Our lives in 2020 are complicated, and a few simple truths may help. —Paul Goldfinger @Blogfinger.net


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