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By Paul Goldfinger, MD, Editor @Blogfinger

Ordinarily, Blogfinger would not take much of an interest in this story.  However, when I went over there to get some photographs, I met a resident of FAM who was strolling about with her walker.  She told me how happy she  was living at that facility.  She could see Fletcher Lake and the Ocean out her window.

The woman said that practically all the residents there loved the facility and she expressed fear that promises made might not be kept by the new owners.  In particular she said, “If my money were to run out, they said that we could continue living there and that Medicaid would provide for their continued stay.”

So we decided to continue covering this story because, after all, these residents are Grovers like the rest of us who live in this beautiful historic town.  We depend on citizen reporters who are familiar with the FAM to continue providing new information.

It occurs to us that perhaps the new owners of “Allegria at Ocean Grove” might be interested in inviting the community at large to get to know their residents as volunteers and friends.

Eileen and I gave a lecture there a year ago about preventing heart disease, and it was well received, although we had to do a little arm twisting to convince those seniors that prevention was in their best interest, despite their ages.  Eileen spoke, as she usually does, about preparing heart healthy meals, but the audience found a bit of irony in that since they don’t cook anymore. But Eileen pointed out that they could share the information with their children and grandchildren who do cook and who might need such advice.

It is the sort of community involvement that we need more of in Ocean Grove, a town in search of its inner community.

We have acquired copies of two letters that were sent to residents to reassure them about the future of FAM.  A Blogfinger citizen reporter sent us a file consisting of these two letters which were sent to the residents and their families.  If you are interested, just click on the link below.




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Francis Asbury Manor. April, 2017. Blogfinger.net photo. ©


To the Editor:
I read with mounting concern over the “pending” sale of the Francis Asbury Manor. The FAM has always been an asset to Ocean Grove – providing health care and residency to many elderly Grovers over the last several decades.

The loss of the FAM is one letdown- however we “Grovers” should be more concerned with what’s going to replace it?

After reading the article it appears the facility is outdated and can’t compete in the present healthcare market. Are the new owners going to completely renovate it? Are they going to demolish it and rebuild a new code compliant/healthcare compliant building? If so -why wouldn’t the current owners do that? If not -what type of facility is it going to become?

Is it another potential buyer similar to the Laingdon Hotel’s bid to become a drug rehab facility?   Are they going to use it as a halfway house ? A dormitory ? Or other facility that isn’t as regulated as healthcare that can fly under the radar with sub- standardized rooms- outdated fire sprinkler systems- old heating systems- wiring – plumbing etc. ?
I think these questions need to be asked and answered before the largest facility in  Ocean Grove is sold down the wrong path.





May 3, 2017

Ed Revel is a “long time Grover.”

Editor’s Note:  The sale of the FAM occurred yesterday.  Reportedly, the new owners will continue the same operation including the staff and the residents.  The sign has not changed yet to “Allegria.”  The new owners are the Sage Co. who are in the business of running senior residences.  Don’t forget, any other use would require a variance from the Neptune Board of Adjustment.  —-PG

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Francis Asbury Manor as seen from Bradley Beach, across Fletcher Lake. Blogfinger photo. 4/23/17. ©  Click to enlarge.


Blogfinger.net photo 4/23/17 ©


Blogfinger.net photo 4/23/17 ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger. Information provided by citizen reporters and resident interview.

The  senior citizen residence at 70 Stockton Avenue in Ocean Grove, NJ, near Fletcher Lake, has been sold by United Methodist Homes to a company called Sage Group that has other such assisted living operations in New Jersey.

The closing will be on May 2, and the name will be changed to “Allegria.”  In the past, there was talk of tearing the building down and rebuilding, but that never occurred. We have no information as to what the new owners plan to do with the facility.

We spoke to a resident who said that most who live there “love it,” and most of them are “disappointed” that the sale has occurred. She says that promises had been made to residents that assured them that they could stay for the rest of their lives, even if their money ran out. She indicated that many residents now fear that such promises would not be kept.

Management met with the residents a few days ago, but our source indicated that details are lacking and that there is “a black cloud” over the workers and residents at the facility.

We have an unconfirmed report that the UMC will not allow the buyer to meet with the residents or even to come onto the property.

Presumably the use will be the same, otherwise a variance may be needed.

Blogfinger photo. 4/23/17 ©  Click to enlarge.

FAM is a residence for elderly individuals.  They  offer one bedroom apartments and efficiencies . Minimum cost to live there is about $3,000 per month.  The facility is operated by the United Methodist Homes. The facility has lovely views of the lake and the ocean. The grounds have been meticulously kept. The building appears to be in excellent condition from the outside.

UMH used to also operate a 120 bed nursing home,  Manor by the Sea in Ocean Grove on Main Street.   Meridian took over several years ago.

The FAM was built in 1947. Here is a link to a Blogfinger article about the Manor’s history.

Founding of the Francis Asbury Manor


EDITOR’S NOTE:   We received a comment today, 4/23/17, from Jan Carrato of the Methodist Homes organization. We thank her for helping us understand the FAM situation. You can find her comment by clicking on “comments” below right.

BEVERLY KENNEY  “Why Try to Change Me Now?”

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