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Bill Bailey (l) and Ralph delCampo in the Tabernacle organizing volunteers on Nov. 3, 2012.  Paul Goldfinger photo  ©

Bill Bailey (l) and Ralph delCampo in the Tabernacle organizing volunteers on Nov. 3, 2012. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Wednesday, October 30, 2013.  Ocean Grove, NJ:    Ralph delCampo, the soon-to-be ex-COO of the OGCMA,  has been working for a year trying to obtain Federal funding for our damaged beach front, with the focus primarily on the Boardwalk which was wiped out except for some intact components at each end.

He and his colleagues, along with consultants who are experts at dealing with FEMA, are now preparing for an in-person conference in Washington, D.C. with FEMA officials regarding our second appeal which will probably be held in December, but could be sooner. Mr. delCampo says, “We need clarity.”

Last night, on the one year anniversary of Sandy, the fourth in a series of meetings was held at the CMA headquarters.  In attendance were representatives of all the major OG organizations who were there to hear the latest news regarding our Sandy recovery, presented by  Dale Whilden, Ralph delCampo, and Bill Bailey of the OGCMA.

Ralph (who always says, “Call me Ralph”) is a man who is used to dealing with big corporate issues and with one large Federal agency—the FDA. He has been supervising the complex FEMA paper work and talking with FEMA officials,  politicians at all levels of government, advisors, CMA trustees, citizens, the press, lawyers and others. He is a careful strategist who is perpetually confident, careful and cheerful. Those of us who know him realize that he will make no promises that he can’t keep, and he never says anything that is out of place.

So it came as a surprise last night when he  and Bill Bailey confidently agreed that their first goal will be achieved, i.e.  to complete the “middle beach” boardwalk  (from the beach office area to the Pavilion),  “one way or another” by Memorial Day.

Ralph also revealed that the CMA is seeking two major non-FEMA sources of Federal funding.  These grants are paid through the State of New Jersey. One is via the New Jersey Department of Transportation (DOT), and there is the potential for receiving about $300,000. He said, “We are optimistic.”

The other application is to the EDA (Economic Development Authority.)  Ralph says that the CMA has applied for a $3 million grant which is currently “moving along.”  Regarding their chances of success, he says, “We feel pretty good.”

Earlier in the process, it was FEMA 24/7, but now Ralph is looking in all directions. He says, “We will apply for all that we can.”

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