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Assembling for the dedication. Eileen Goldfinger photo. 7/27/19 © Blogfinger.net  Click to enlarge some photos. Then click the back arrow to go back.

By Paul Goldfinger, editor @Blogfinger.net

Below are three links The first is a fabulous piece on this subject from the APP one year ago.   The second (BF) is when the fund raising was announced, and the third (BF) is when the wrecked fountain was shipped for restoration


fountain announced

Old Fountain shipped


For the last year, Ted Bell and the Historical Society of Ocean Grove worked to raise over one hundred thousand dollars to restore the rusted hulk of a fountain in Founder’s Park.

The fountain had been built in 1907 to honor a deceased leader of the Camp Meeting–Pres. FitzGerald,  a lawyer who was lost at sea. Somehow the fountain was allowed to deteriorate over the years and had been used as a planter since the 1970’s.

Recently the fountain was restored and returned, and today it was dedicated and began to flow again.  State and local officials were present along with a large crowd to witness the event.  Quite a few CMA officers were there, and there were hymns, prayers, and speeches.

Interestingly, during the year of fund raising, the name FitzGerald did not come up.   The fountain was named the “Founders Park Fountain” or the “J.W. Fiske Fountain” or the “Fountain of Hope,” but today it was given yet another name: “The Restored FitzGerald Memorial Fountain of Hope.”

If you read our Walt Whitman article, you will see a reference to the FitzGerald Fountain, but in the  2019 CMA summer booklet, that name is not found.

However, regardless of the name, it was a festive event on a sunny July  Saturday morning.

Finally, after some minor glitches, Ted Bell switched on the power, and the water flowed to applause and cheers.

All Blogfinger photos. This shot is of some of the hymn singers vocalizing with Phil Smith on trumpet. 7/27/19.  Click to enlarge.



Phillip Smith, formerly lead trumpet of the NY Philharmonic, plays hymns for the ad hoc choir.   Mrs. Smith and Cindy Bell stand by and tap their toes.     7/27/19 It was great!! Thanks Phil.  Blogfinger photo. ©


The best seat in the house. Cindy Bell tipped me off about this guy. Blogfinger photo.  Click to see Tarzan. 7/27/19  ©


Singing hymns. Blogfinger photo 7/27/19


This Blogfinger photo of Ted Bell is from 2018. He was there today for the dedication, a bit under the weather,  but we liked this portrait better. He was laughing at my joke–one year old vintage.  Paul Goldfinger ©


So, with this event, the people of Ocean Grove have taken a sentimental journey.

DORIS DAY  (From the Ken Burns movie The War.)






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