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Ocean Grove Fishing Pier.  November 2013. Paul Goldfinger photo

Ocean Grove Fishing Pier. November, 2013.   ©   Paul Goldfinger photo.   Click on photos enlarge them.  


OG pier far end.  By Paul Goldfinger. © July 9, 2014

OG pier far end. By Paul Goldfinger. © July 9, 2014


OG Fishing Pier near end. Blogfinger photo © July 9, 2014

OG Fishing Pier near end. Blogfinger photo © July 9, 2014

We have learned about this decision in an email from JP Gradone, COO of the Camp Meeting Association.  Here is the press release:

“As you know, we received written notification from FEMA in May that the OGCMA was ineligible for FEMA public assistance for the pier because the facility is a recreational facility owned by a private non-profit. At that time, we expressed our disappointment in the decision and indicated that we would proceed with an appeal within the required 60 days.

After a significant review of documentation and policies with our consultants and the State of New Jersey Public Assistance Office, the Executive Committee met on July 6 in light of the FEMA appeal deadline on July 12 and determined that we do not have the required justification and documentation to support a viable appeal to FEMA.

Therefore, we will not be filing an appeal to FEMA for a re-determination of eligibility for the Ocean Grove Pier.

We are currently focusing our attention on completing the North End Boardwalk in the off-season, as well as completion of the Great Auditorium roof and Thornley Chapel.

The Executive Committee will, in the future, be considering a variety of options for the pier and be in discussion with the Fishing Club. No final decision will be made regarding the Fishing Pier without the full Board’s discussion and approval.

Editor’s Note: After Sandy hit, it was determined early on that rebuilding the pier was not a high priority. It was considered to be Phase 3.  In the interim, volunteers built it out past 250 feet—the original length was 500 feet, and we currently have a place where the public can walk out, sit on benches and enjoy that special view.    But it is not out far enough for any fishing to occur.

There was considerable discussion after Sandy about the ultimate future of the pier.  The OG Fishing Club, a historic group, lost its private end section with the little building that we all recall.  The OGCMA promised with no uncertainty that the pier would eventually be rebuilt, but they would not say what the future of the Fishing Club would be.  The members of the Fishing Club were quite anxious about the situation because their lease is due to expire in a few years.  They even offered to pay for the rebuilding, but the CMA would not consider that offer.  So the CMA has remained noncommittal on the Fishing Club issue.

However, on May 16, when FEMA denied payment to rebuild the pier, the landscape changed.  FEMA has committed over $2 million for our Middle Beach Boardwalk, the South End is done, the beach replenishment is done, and FEMA will pay to complete the North End.  So now we learn the latest CMA policies re: the fishing pier.

In May, Mr. Gradone said that the CMA would pursue other sources of financial help for rebuilding the pier, including federal, state and charities.

Blogfinger will speak to Mr. Gradone to see if we can clear up some of these murkier questions.


Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

Below is a link to an article about the pier which was quite good  from NJ.com below.



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