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Jean Bredin 7/9/17 ©/ Blogfinger staff. Ocean Grove, NJ

From Jean:     ” I was turning the corner from Heck onto Pennsylvania yesterday, heading for the Choir Festival, and literally almost fell upon this group of people from Monroe Township who set up their chairs and picnic basket and were picnicking on the sidewalk.    They were going to attend the Choir Festival and they found a parking spot and grabbed it!

“Grow where you’re planted, as the saying goes.”*

Editor’s note:  (PG)      Jean is a very good journalistic photographer, so she made this “shoot from the hip”  image quickly.  The vertical composition looks a bit odd, but I think it is interesting and fun. Sometimes a photographer has to shoot first and ask questions later.

It was 6:30 over at Firemen’s Park, and a couple, dressed in black pants and white shirts were scurrying across the park  in a diagonal direction gathering their supplies as they went.  (the shortest distance between two points…etc.)   The Choir Festival was due to start in 30 minutes.

“You had better hurry up because your parts might be missed,” said I.

They quickened their steps a bit and they laughed.

“Make sure  you don’t hit any wrong notes,” said I  jokingly as they were almost at Main Avenue.

They didn’t look back as they kept going in an easterly direction.

All the people, singers and audience, that Jean and I ran into seemed happy.

Music has that effect. If you have children, insist that they participate in music…and don’t let them quit. You will bestow a gift on them which will last all their lives.      Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

*Corinthians 7:14-24

IMPERIAL BRASS:  “Bell of the Ball”  By Leroy Anderson from their album Imperial Brass and Friends


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Great Auditorium. 1998. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Click to enlarge.

Great Auditorium. 1998. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Click to enlarge.

CHOIR OF KING’S COLLEGE, Cambridge. Sir Phillip Ledger. “Angels, from the realms of glory.”


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