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Carol Rizzo at the Law Enforcement Memorial Service 5/24/16 Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Carol Rizzo at the Law Enforcement Memorial Service, Great Auditorium.  5/24/16 Paul Goldfinger photo ©

To the Editor @Blogfinger:

I was walking home from a movie in Asbury Park Friday night, June 3,  just before midnight, when I bumped into Carol Rizzo on the OG side of the bridge. We talked for a few minutes, and  while we were talking we witnessed a hit and run accident less than a block away.

A drunk driver smashed into a parked car and then took off eastbound on Asbury Ave, Ocean Grove.

What I saw next surprised me. Carol immediately ran after the car yelling to the driver to stop, while running she called 911 and when she caught up to the car she stood in front of the vehicle preventing him from leaving the scene until the police came and eventually arrested the driver.

Let me say, I don’t know Carol Rizzo; Friday night was the first time we spoke. What I saw that night was someone acting bravely, throwing themselves into harm’s way to protect our town.

At the time it seemed very dangerous and a little foolish to stand in front of a car with a drunk driver behind the wheel. But later I realized she was only concerned with getting this drunk off the roads and preventing more property damage —- and potentially much worse that night.


Ocean Grove, NJ.  June 5, 2016

CHAMBER ORCHESTRA OF LONDON:   This theme music is called “Such Good Luck” from Downton Abbey.  Soundtrack by John Lunn.

It’s for Carol Rizzo who fortunately was present when others needed her courage.

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