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At the corner of Delaware Ave and Mt. Hermon Way. July, 2016. Blogfinger photo

At the corner of Delaware Ave and Mt. Hermon Way. July 8, 2016. Blogfinger photo

Here is a solution to parking problems in OG; it’s been suggested before—-sell your car.   Just call the  “I Buy Cars.” guys (see photo above.)  They will give you cash.

Many of our visitors and residents come from NYC and take the train to the Grove, like visitors from the last century.    But some of them  leave a car here–warehousing it until they show up.  Is there something wrong with that?  Of course not, but it is another way that car density builds up here.   We can also point to those who keep commercial vehicles on these narrow streets such as vans, large pickup trucks or other kinds of trucks.  Should the town ban such commercial vehicles from spending nights here?

As for the Sleepys truck, it came for a delivery, stopped in the middle of the street, briefly clashed with the “I Buy Cars” truck and then went on its way.  (i.e. no harm, no foul)  —-PG




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