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Paul Goldfinger, MD, FACC

Breakthrough COVID infections:

According to Stephen Hoge, President of Moderna, their data shows a significant “waning” of immunity by one year after the original 2 shots of vaccine.  They have impressive numbers to confirm this.  For those who got their shots early, they will be hitting the one year mark this winter when viral infections will be increasing.

Moderna predicts that 600,000 breakthrough cases could happen this winter, and they are strongly recommending booster doses for those who are at the 6 months mark.

Eileen and I reached that 6 month mark this month and we got COVID. Our doctor gave us a booster, but it was too late to protect us now.

I don’t know how they measure waning immunity, but no need to measure—just follow the science and get your booster as soon as it becomes readily available.  Many over the age of 65 have already scheduled theirs.  Also those with significant underlying diseases such as chronic lung and heart disease need to hurry as well.   I think the Feds will make this happen very soon.

If you do not get a booster, your risk will be substantially increased at one year compared to now at 6 months.  The new data is now just emerging.

Here is Stephen Hoges’ video.  Congratulations to him for stepping up:


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