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Thanks to Wayne May from the Bradley Beach Tatler for sharing this story with us.  The Ocean Grove Fire Department responded to this Tuesday morning fire, as did departments from Avon, Neptune and Asbury Park, according to the Asbury Park Press and Patch.com. Hopefully the Grove is in no danger of being shorthanded as in this situation in neighboring Bradley Beach.  Click on this link to see some powerful video from the APP.    —- Paul Goldfinger

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“The Bradley Beach Fire Department needed help today with a large fire at 118 Parkplace Ave. The fire department has been understaffed for many months now and at today’s fire it was very obvious that without the help of surrounding towns the fire would not have been put out. One of our local reporters said the only fire equipment the rolled out of the main street fire house was one engine the other 3 pieces of fire equipment just did not have the manpower to go into service. Question when will the Mayor and council do something? Its time for quick action and a good game plan. Is it time to disband the local fire company and start fresh or enter into an agreement with Avon for full time fire protection. Do we need to lose life before action will be taken?”
Special Thanks to all the fire department and EMS unites the responded or covered the stations of the departments who were put to work in Bradley Beach.”

UPDATE: According to the Asbury Park Press the house that caught fire was a summer rental home. The owner was quoted as saying contractors had been working around the house in recent days, including completing electrical work on Monday. The fire broke out on Tuesday morning. No injuries were reported.

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