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Grovers want to know: “Why the chaos and where’s the beef?”   Paul Goldfinger photograph. 2019. ©

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By Jack Bredin and Paul Goldfinger:  Blogfinger.net

In our article about the BPA plan dated December 7, we concluded by saying, “Don’t hold your breath for a joyous reception at the Municipal Building to any idea that would help OG with its parking.”

We were referring to the Committee meeting of last night, December 9, when the Better Parking Alliance made a presentation of its parking plan to the Neptuners during their Workshop Session.   The pubic was invited to attend but were not permitted to speak.  A large crowd assembled for the Workshop.  An eyewitness said that the plan “fell flat.”

The Committee made no comments but they then retired to a private  “anteroom” where the group discussed the plan in closed session.

Later, the open session began, but that business meeting was brief in order to have the public portion consisting of 5 minute statements by anyone who wished to speak. The crowd was large in the Committee Room.

Our reporter estimated that about half of the commenters were in favor of the BPA plan while half were opposed.   The opposition was mostly about how the plan would not produce a net benefit, because Asburian invaders would simply shift gears and move south.  Those who were in favor seemed to be supporters without much to justify their support, other than to think that something is better than nothing.

On December 7, Blogfinger reported on the BPA goal:

“To quote Andy Levine, ‘The stated goal (of the plan) is to pinpoint and implement a parking solution that balances the needs of Ocean Grove’s diverse constituencies.’

Blogfinger’s reaction to that goal was:  “But for those who have been here for many years, this sounds less like a doable goal and more like a fatal flaw.”

While quite a few speakers had something to say, the Committee just listened and had nothing to say. Our reporter mentions some specifics:

a. The Home Groaners were not supportive of the plan because they didn’t like the polling method.

b.  The Camp Meeting Association, as expected, was opposed.  Their President, Michael Badger, stiff armed everyone in the room as he announced that the CMA was designing its own plan.  He claimed that the CMA had been ignored during prior attempts to solve the parking issues.

c.  The Mayor asserted that the Alliance’s plan was “inconsistent” with their survey results.  She suggested that the BPA return to “Andy’s kitchen table” to come up with something else.  She said that the group should “get together” with the CMA and the Chamber of Commercials.

But why didn’t she include the residents of Ocean Grove in her suggested round-table?  It is typical of the Mayor and her marching band to forget about the largest faction in town–those who live here and pay taxes/rents.

c.  Jack Green, a well known OG realtor, long-time citizen, and contractor, rose to speak, and that is very unusual for him at these meetings.  He made it clear that he was opposed to the plan, but his reasons weren’t explained other than for him to say that the plan wasn’t the answer.

d. Andy Levine stood to announce that he would remain after the meeting to answer questions, but “he made a hasty exit when the meeting was adjourned,” according to our reporter.

So this is what happens when a presentation like this is made in public without clear planning to achieve a result.   The worst of it is that the elected officials on the dais do not allow any dialogue—only brief opinions.  Is this democracy and free speech?

Here is a link to the Blogfinger post from Dec 7, where we brought up the crux of the problem: too many cars in too small a space.

Blogfinger on the BPA plan



THE SPANIELS —It’s time to go;  –the parking mess remains unresolved . It’s time for a new paradigm;  see the BF post linked above.


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