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Purple Galinule. By Bob Bowné

“Hey…thought your readers would find this to be fun….

“This Purple Gallinule has been hanging out in the yard here, down at the beach for the last four days.
He is native of Florida area according to The Audubon Society…so he must be here on a Victorian vacation.
Check out those yellow chicken legs!”
Y. RADIER   It’s a tango  “La Paloma.”

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By Bob Bowné. Special to Blogfinger. ©

Bowser Farm.   By Bob Bowné. Special to Blogfinger. ©  Click to enlarge.



YO YO MA and JAMES TAYLOR   “Here Comes the Sun.”

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Shark River dredge, Neptune township. January 9, 2016. By Bob Bowné. © Special to Blogfinger.net

Shark River dredge, Belmar, NJ.   January 9, 2016. By Bob Bowné. © Special to Blogfinger.net   Click to make the busy bodies bigger.


Hi Paul…
I caught some action down at the Shark River Inlet. The Army Corps of Engineers has started dredging the inlet…and this ship is vacuuming sand up off the river bed, filling itself up (low rider), and then, I think…taking it off the coast, dumping it and then coming back in for a little more sucking up!  I bet they found a few clams and an old sneaker or two down there. LOL. It was a raw windy day down on the ocean …but the beat goes on……..



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