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Ghandi in Union Square Park. By Paul Goldfinger © NYC Street series

Ghandi in Union Square Park. By Paul Goldfinger © NYC Street series

Some of you might recall a post last October  (see link below) which described how Blogfinger would be changing.  Those who read this blog regularly may have noticed those changes.  But now it is time to continue moving in that same direction.

Blogfinger policy change 2014

My experiment in small town news and information has been successful to a point.  Some day I will write about this experience which will be six years old in June, with 2.3 million visits since our founding.  The reason for further changes are complicated—some personal and some practical.

At any rate, the following changes will be implemented immediately:

1. I want to move more towards my original concept which was to have a personal blog to show my own photographs, to write articles on subjects that interest me, to explore new and old music,  and to educate the public about medical topics.  I need to spend more time on my personal photography including a big project of scanning and digitizing years of black and white negatives.  In addition I will be digitizing my collection of vinyl records: original soundtracks and jazz especially.

As for photography on the Blog, the standards will become more stringent.  I want BF to show only first rate images, including photographs from some of the most famous artists, including new ones.   You can send your photos, but only exceptional ones will be posted.  I know that the process is subjective, but after years of study, I have a good idea of what I like.  Moe Demby, a professional photographer, will be my new photo editor to help with decisions.  If a good news photo shows up, we will use it.

2. One area that has been problematic for me relates to Ocean Grove news/politics/issues/some people/OG organizations/ and Township officials.     I will be moving away from all that.

If I do write about OG it will be about selected interesting subjects.  We will continue our current topic regarding the North End, until that subject is resolved.  In the Wassup section, we will announce some selected events,  but only those which are extra special.

3.  Blogfinger will not be sponsoring the 2016 Town Wide Yard Sale.  Hopefully some organization in town or a group of citizens will grab the ball and run with it.  All they need to do is to announce it on Blogfinger,, and the chance to go forward with the 5th Annual version will be theirs for the taking.

4.  Another problem is that running Blogfinger is just too time consuming, so we need to cut back  to gain more personal time.  I will not necessarily be posting every day.  There may be times when I don’t show up for days, so don’t worry, I am not dead yet.

5. There is a tremendous need across the country for hyperlocal news organizations  in small towns.  There have been some successful ones in New Jersey.  But it is not sustainable without a model that raises money for staff, etc.  If somebody wants to try that in Ocean Grove, I would be supportive.

Thank you for your cooperation:    Paul Goldfinger, Editor at Blogfinger

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