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Photo taken from the roof of Mt. Sinai Hospital. Looking west across Central Park. Paul Goldfinger. Click left for full view

Photo taken from the roof of Mt. Sinai Hospital. (No I was not threatening to jump; I was a medical resident there.)  Looking west across Central Park.   I love this photo, if I do say so myself.  By Paul Goldfinger. © Click left for full view.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

It was February 1969, and this blizzard buried the Big Apple  in 15 inches of snow.  The city was paralyzed for 3 days, but in the park, the kids were having a great time.  The politicians were being attacked for their poor performance in getting the city back to normal, especially Mayor John Lindsay who was so traumatized that he switched from the elephants to the donkeys.

So, while we are on the subject of wintry events, today is the start of Hanukkah in Ocean Grove and elsewhere as well.  It is a tradition to eat latkes  (potato pancakes fried in oil) and then to drink some ritual Maalox as it is written in the Old Testament.

So the next holiday before Kwanzaa is Christmas.  And it is Christmas all around us  (as a recent commenter pointed out), so what’s wrong with saying “Merry Christmas” to everyone.?  You don’t have to be a Christian to enjoy this holiday and its messages of peace and good will  (as well as great cookies, music and parties.)

UTADA HIKARU  “Fly Me to the Moon.”


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