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Blogfinger video clip.  August 7, 2019. OG boards;  Bikers emerge from A. Park and keep going south on the Ocean Grove Boardwalk.

These bikers crossed the great divide, passed the sign below, and breezed by  despite the sign warnings.  No bike riding is permitted except 3 am to 10 am every day. until October 1.

But can you blame them—-delighted to be biking along the edge of the Atlantic Ocean on a lovely day?

Besides, despite the warning  that the bike ordinance would be  strictly enforced by the Neptune police, it won’t be.  Click photo below to read it.

But, I remember being a teenager at the Jersey Shore…who reads signs?

We addressed this subject a few years ago on Blogfinger, and viewers continue to link to that article  (below):

Planning to bike on the boardwalk?








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