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Going round and round in Firemen's Park. Blogfinger.net photo. 7/22/15 ©

Going round and round in Firemen’s Park. Blogfinger.net photo. 7/22/15 ©


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net. Re-post.  One change noticed in 2015:



I get the impression that more people than ever are peddling around town this summer.  These are not the fast skinny guys with skinny legs, skinny tires, and tight pants.  These are families or groups of people of all ages biking around the streets of OG, sometimes 5 or more at a time.

They are enjoying the ambience of the town and are seemingly not worried about the congestion or about cars or doors opening suddenly.  They usually wear helmets which had been more unusual in the past.   Sometimes they ride bicycles built for two.

Do you agree that this is a lifestyle change in the Grove?   Have visitors and townies discovered a satisfying way to get exercise in the summer while seeing the sights?    If you do agree, how would you account for this observation?  It should also be noted that we aren’t hearing about bike thefts so much any more.  Why would that be?  Has crime declined here?

Don’t forget that you can bike on the boardwalk till 10:00 am daily.   Anybody want to be a citizen reporter and tell us what the time limits are on the boardwalks to the north and south?   Also you can ride around town at night, but be sure to get front and rear lights.  It’s surprising how often people ride around town without any lights.

You can rent bikes at OG hardware, hop aboard and go.   But make sure you stop before you try that Dell Vikings tenor sax solo.

DELL VIKINGS   “Come Go With Me.”

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OG Boardwalk, Sunday, April 29. PG photos

Family bikers pedaling from Asbury Park.

Late Sunday afternoon, April 29, it was cool and sunny on the Ocean Grove boardwalk. A gaggle of bikers surrounded walkers and proceeded north. In two days, on May 1, the summer bike rules take effect, and no bike invasions will occur at 4 p.m. again until October. A family in a 4-wheel contraption peddled by. They had rented the device on the AP boards and were heading south, checking out the Grove.

A group of people were gathered in the same area, waiting for a wedding on the beach. Clara Hess and Timothy O’Shea were to be married in a Jewish ceremony. A guest was holding a folded chuppah (wedding canopy). Some programs were available that described the event.

A basket of multicolored yarmulkas (skull caps) got caught in a breeze that sent them flying onto the OG beach (perhaps a first in this town). A woman in a low-cut gown bounced down the stairs and went hunting for the hats.  For the recession, the bride and groom asked that everyone dance to John Botte’s song from Tremé.  (see below) Then they were to head to the Parlor Gallery in AP for a reception.   — Paul Goldfinger

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