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Ocean Grove beach.Nov. 1, 20134. By Moe Demby, Blogfinger staff. ©

Ocean Grove beach.  Nov. 1, 2014. By Moe Demby, Blogfinger staff. ©

BETH ROWLEY from the movie An Education. 

Beth Rowley. 33 yo English singer

Beth Rowley. 33 yo English singer


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Reposted from Blogfinger in 2013.

Beth Rowley is an English singer who performed two songs on the soundtrack of “An Education”— a 2009 film from England about the coming of age of a 16 year old girl who is being pursued by a man in his 30’s. This song is called “A Sunday Kind of Love.”

Lyrics:  “I’m hoping to discover a certain kind of lover.”    And it better be “a love to last past Saturday night,”  because if it does, it’s better—it’s a “Sunday kind of love.”

“Sunday Kind of Love”  was written in 1946 and was made famous by Etta James.  One of the four composers was Louis Prima.   Since it’s Sunday today, it seems like a good idea to play it now. Rowley’s interpretation is much different than Etta’s, and the movie was very good.  Rent it.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

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