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Blogfinger walking the dog by the New Jersey Avenue bridge in OG on Sunday afternoon 8/12/18. ©  All photos by Paul Goldfinger.  Click to enlarge.


By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger.net

I was playing “sit” with my son’s dog Pooja when I found out a few things.  First, cute girls will stop and pet a dog with lots of oohs and ahs and “what’s his name?”   “It’s a girl,” said I, but no one wanted to know my name.  (“Is it Mary or Sue?”   as in the song.)   I would have allowed them to pat my head, but no such luck.


Secondly I became distracted by the steady stream of people heading north to “sin city,”    But, to be fair, there were all ages, genders and sizes.  And they all seemed happy  to be heading in that direction, so the “Asbury Connection”  (with OG) seems to be working out.  On a summer Sunday, a walk to A. Park seems to hold great promise for laughter, fun, food, friends and ogling.

Grovers understand this, and so do the Grovarian realtors who are pushing this concept.

And where did they all park?  You know where.

A bridge not too far. Blogfinger photo. 8/12/18 ©


Heading north to the bridge from Asbury Avenue in the Grove.


Bring the kids. It’s not all babes, booze and bon-appetite. 8/12/18 Blogfinger photo


BOB GAUDIO  from Jersey Boys:



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Click to enlarge the map of Asbury Park.

Click to enlarge the map of Asbury Park.

South at the border in A. Park.  Paul Goldfinger photo September, 2014

South at the border in A. Park. Paul Goldfinger photo September, 2014. Click to enlarge.

Grovers visit a farmers market in the Carousel building in A. Park,  Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

Grovers visit a farmers market in the Carousel building in A. Park, Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

The connection between Ocean Grove and Asbury Park has never been stronger since AP has turned the corner in becoming a meaningful destination for Grovers.  More and more of us are walking, biking or driving over there to see an art house movie, to experience fine or casual dining, to attend a Pride parade, to hear a lecture at the Stephen Crane house, to find furnishings at a variety of thrift shops, to buy fresh produce at the Farmer’s markets,  to enjoy al fresco meals overlooking the Ocean, to hear concerts or attend film festivals at the Paramount. They have events there which Ocean Grove would never do such as the Zombie Walk or live jazz on the beach—great fun and excitement.

The town of A. Park has a history which gives it character–it has a heritage that stems from the African-American experience plus new ethnic influences such as the Mexican culture scene.  Then there is the gay community which brings innovation, life, art, and imagination to the town…and they back it with their desire to own  homes there. Many have brought back historic houses, and not only on the east side of the tracks.

New condominium projects provide parking and often stunning architectural designs. The art scene is coming around including not only galleries, but every-man style murals outdoors  for all to enjoy. Festivals and special events bring crowds.

Sure there are problems such as the spillover of people and cars into the Grove due to crowding over there.  And the parking issues bring new meaning to the park in Asbury Park’s name.  It seems that AP needs to keep a steady hand on the tendency of developers to over build, threatening light and space and air for the neighborhoods, especially near the Ocean.

So for those of you who are not familiar with the geography, find us on the map and then learn the way around, especially where our two towns meet and merge.  From our point of view, trying to preserve our quaint historic small town, we need to protect our community from becoming Asbury Park south at our North End.  We need to take care to keep our side of the divide the way we like it while enjoying complimentary excursions north to the exciting wild side.

And hopefully the A. Parkers will discover a respite,  a quietude, and a unique culture when visiting our side of the lake.  They will find new experiences and discoveries and even relief  in Ocean Grove.   At its best, we will  seek strengths as each community complements the other.


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