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An Ocean Grover, now in her ’80’s,  was in her ’20’s when this photograph was taken with her daughter, who is now in her ’60’s.  She asked me to make a copy for her daughter.

There is so much wonderful detail in this image including the tiara and the bonnet. Then the gowns with crinolines.

The way the they are looking at each other is full of mutual love and pride.  And the image, although beautiful and happy in a way, reminds us all of time going by.

Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger. re-post from 2014.



c. 1954. Photographer unknown.

c. 1954. Photographer unknown.




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PAM:    “Thank  you for remembering the Homestead Restaurant. I worked there 2 summers. It was an unforgettable experience. I tell my grown children about the interviewing process at Constance Hughes home complete with lemonade and cookies. It was the place to work in the 70′s. It was an honor to wear that navy blue apron as I proudly walked from Loch Arbor Beach Club into Ocean Grove to work my shift.”

PG (Editor):  Evidently, this site was once a successful restaurant. You would think that the oceanfront location would be a sure bet for success, but, in at lease the last decade, it was a loser.  Send us your memories of the Homestead. Below is Kathy Arlt’s BF article all about it. Kathy’s article (link below) is very interesting.  Evidently the Homestead was open for about forty years in the Grove and it closed around 1979, to be followed by a Perkins.

Blogfinger Homestead Restaurant article by Kathy Arlt

DOOLEY WILSON  (From the movie “Casablanca”)

ps:  If you see me around, ask for my impression of Bogie saying, “Sam, I told you never to play that song again.” —-PG  (I can also do Cagney and Jolson)

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