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Wesley Lake. This is what Neptune should discuss with the Asburians.  Blogfinger photo.©


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger.  June 27, 2019.

The Coaster reports that “Mayor Rizzo said at this week’s Township Committee meeting that she is reaching out to Asbury park officials to discuss the {Bridgegate} matter.”

The paper also says that Rizzo told them that Neptune “officials” are “still in discussion about the gates.”

We’re not sure if these quotes are from the actual meeting.

The paper reports that AP  “officials” say that locking the gates “may be illegal.” Who are those “officials?”

And then there is Wesley Lake Commission Chairwoman Gail Rosewater who was at the meeting and is quoted  (Coaster) as saying, “We want to work with you to get this issue resolved.”

But who is the “we” that she refers to and who is “you?”  Is she the “official” that Rizzo is “reaching out to?” Why is this matter her business? Who is she to decide that the “issue needs to be resolved?”

Would the Asbury Park Council really want to get in the middle of this?  So far there is nothing official from them except for that one troublesome Councilwoman who started the fuss in the first place.

So Mayor Rizzo ought to clarify what the heck she is officially saying at this point in time, because the Coastericans’ accounting of her words is unclear. This looks  to us like political grandstanding.

She is welcome to send an email to Blogfinger, because we had over 2,000 hits in the last two days, and most of the interest was about Bridgegate.

Anyhow, before she meets with anyone, she should take the pulse of Grovers at a public meeting and then do what the citizens want.

This Bridgegate matter should not be allowed to escalate into discussions of prejudice, race, hurt feelings, or any other topic but crime prevention, and, as such, should be placed in the hands of  the Police Chief.

Mayor Rizzo should stay at the Mother Ship and get the pot holes fixed and try to pass some ordinances to reduce the invasion of Asburians into our parking spaces and lifestyles.

Right now she seems like the character in Guys and Dolls who is standing in the boat and rocking it.


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