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Walking towards Asbury via New Jersey Ave. bridge. August 17, 2019. Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Click to enlarge.




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The Blogfinger cow wonders what is happening at the A. Park Press. “Moo who wrote this story?  Blogfinger already did that, done that. This is udderly repetitious.  It’s about as new as pasteurization”  Ann Paterson photo.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor  @Blogfinger.net

After a month on the front page of the Coaster, just when it seemed that the Bridgegate nonsense was over, the Asbury Park Press shows up with a story on their front page that is about as stale as a fish sandwich in July.

Even Mayor Moor of A. Park is quoted in the APP as saying, “We’re all friends. I’m just disappointed in maybe the process, not the outcome necessarily”

So it seems we are left with the Mayor’s feelings being hurt… we all can survive that issue.

The APP reporter tries desperately to find a new hook for this story.  He tries to compare the contrasting cultures of the two towns, but that is a concept that is over 100 years old,—-hardly a new idea.

Moor is also quoted as saying that “despite the differences over the bridge he hoped the communities would continue  to closely partner  on issues of public concern.”

We hope that he will remind his town council of the same thing.  Many of us in the Grove have not forgotten how the AP Council voted not to support our bid for FEMA funds after Sandy.

Do any of you read the Asbury Park Press?  You may have noticed that they almost never send a reporter to Neptune Township Committee meetings.  They used to.  So while they routinely ignore our game changing issues, such as the North End Redevelopment, their reporter has evidently awakened from a coma to file this  story and to try to stoke a fire that has already been snuffed out.

This reporter and the Mayor of AP must have time on their hands.


CHAIM TANNENBAUM:  “Time on My Hands”




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Wesley Lake. This is what Neptune should discuss with the Asburians.  Blogfinger photo.©


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger.  June 27, 2019.

The Coaster reports that “Mayor Rizzo said at this week’s Township Committee meeting that she is reaching out to Asbury park officials to discuss the {Bridgegate} matter.”

The paper also says that Rizzo told them that Neptune “officials” are “still in discussion about the gates.”

We’re not sure if these quotes are from the actual meeting.

The paper reports that AP  “officials” say that locking the gates “may be illegal.” Who are those “officials?”

And then there is Wesley Lake Commission Chairwoman Gail Rosewater who was at the meeting and is quoted  (Coaster) as saying, “We want to work with you to get this issue resolved.”

But who is the “we” that she refers to and who is “you?”  Is she the “official” that Rizzo is “reaching out to?” Why is this matter her business? Who is she to decide that the “issue needs to be resolved?”

Would the Asbury Park Council really want to get in the middle of this?  So far there is nothing official from them except for that one troublesome Councilwoman who started the fuss in the first place.

So Mayor Rizzo ought to clarify what the heck she is officially saying at this point in time, because the Coastericans’ accounting of her words is unclear. This looks  to us like political grandstanding.

She is welcome to send an email to Blogfinger, because we had over 2,000 hits in the last two days, and most of the interest was about Bridgegate.

Anyhow, before she meets with anyone, she should take the pulse of Grovers at a public meeting and then do what the citizens want.

This Bridgegate matter should not be allowed to escalate into discussions of prejudice, race, hurt feelings, or any other topic but crime prevention, and, as such, should be placed in the hands of  the Police Chief.

Mayor Rizzo should stay at the Mother Ship and get the pot holes fixed and try to pass some ordinances to reduce the invasion of Asburians into our parking spaces and lifestyles.

Right now she seems like the character in Guys and Dolls who is standing in the boat and rocking it.


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New Jersey Avenue Bridge at the OG side. June, 2018. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor@Blogfinger.net

We all are aware that some folks from A. Park have complained about locking those two bridge gates every day from midnight to 5 am.  Neptune Township has been satisfied with this crime-preventing procedure and so have most people in Ocean Grove.

Rumblings about this have appeared in the past, and recently the Coaster made it a front page issue just because some troubled Asbury Councilwoman complained publicly.

Then, at the June 24 Neptune Committee meeting, a handful of Asburians showed up to demand that the gates be removed.  Why?  What are the damages?

At the milder end of the spectrum are some who find the gates to be offensive, especially if they are locked.  The gates are locked in order to reduce the flow of late nighters congregating on both sides. There are no other nefarious reasons.

Some years ago I interviewed the Neptune Police Chief who said that he had tried everything, without success, to reduce crime on both sides of the bridges, and the OG  gates with locks at night were successful.

Ocean Grove has its shares of crime, often small-time, but never without an element of fear and concern.  The Neptune Township government has a responsibility, according to the Township Attorney, Gene Anthony,  who said, “The first responsibility of a Governing Body is to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the residents.”    He said this to reinforce the reasons for the gates.

But what other damages are there to justify this bloated complaint?  What significant harm do those locked gates inflict?

Yes, they cause some inconvenience for those who get caught in A. Park after midnight, but there are other ways home.

One of the speakers at the public session of the meeting who wants the gates removed was the Chairwoman of the Wesley Lake Commission, a body supposedly devoted to cleaning up the Lake.  But Gail Rosewater of Asbury Park  and her colleagues have failed at that, so are they now seeking a political cause to fuss over?  She ought to  do her official job at Wesley Lake and butt out of policing decisions in Ocean Grove.

Another speaker at that public session said that Ocean Grove  was guilty of racism, and somehow she managed to attack the Camp Meeting Association in the same breath while mentioning the KKK.

Does Ms. Rosewater  want to associate herself with such an ignorant and paranoid colleague? Or is she so imbued with political correctness as to reveal herself to have poor judgement as a public official?

There are other elements to the discussion, such as related to parking, but really Neptune Township should just say, “No!” and end the discussion.

These Asburians came into our House last night to make demands on Neptune Township and they don’t even deserve the time of day.

Remember when we asked their City Council  to support our bid for FEMA/Sandy funds?  They refused: one of their reasons was the bridges and the other was about the irrelevant  Pavilion matter of 2007.

And last year Mayor Williams went to them for help in dealing with our Asbury-related parking problems, and they told him to jump in the lake.

It’s Ocean Grove’s 150th Anniversary. Let’s ignore this worthless “tempest in a teapot” and get on with the celebration.


HOLLYWOOD SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA:    “Fly a Kite.”  from the movie The Kite Runner.


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Wesley Lake Bridge on the OG side. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

By Paul Goldfinger and Jack Bredin.  Blogfinger.net.

Breaking news.  10 am, Tuesday, June 25, 2019:

By tonight, Blogfinger will post a full report about what occurred at the Neptune Township Committee meeting last night, June 24,  when a crew of Parkers showed up to complain about the two bridges which connect OG with AP.

And they came with representatives of the Wesley Lake Commission.  Since when does the WLC  get political and go after its twin sister:  Neptune?  Aren’t they supposed to deal with the Lake?

The complaint is nothing new: It’s regarding the locking of those bridges every day by the Neptune Police, from midnight to 5 am, for purposes of crime prevention.

In addition to crime fighting, the policy also may impact the invasion of the parking snatchers which occurs as A. Parkers seek a free ride on the OG side, leaving their cars there and then strolling across the bridges to enjoy the dissolute pleasures at “sin city.”

Pending our later report, you can review our last Blogfinger article about this topic from ten days ago, after  the Coaster ran the first shot across our bow, at least the first since a few years ago.

Bridgegate BF article from 10 days ago

link to 2016 post:     2016 Bridgegate article.


Tune in tonight for our latest report on this newly inflamed clash with the Yahoos.com  from A. Park.

Let it not be said that those troublemakers from the North burned their bridges behind them years ago.  Bridgegate is back!


BAND OF THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION AND THE BAND OF THE H.M. ROYAL MARINES:  “A Bridge Too Far.”   From the album of great war themes  from the movies.

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