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Teenagers–summer fun and games on Ocean Pathway in the Grove.  Click to enlarge. Paul Goldfinger photo. © c 2015.

Ocean Grove Peoples Garden tour–a community event. 2015. Blogfinger photo ©

From the NJ Chapter of the American Planning Association:

Launched in 2012, Great Places in New Jersey recognizes unique and exemplary downtowns, streets, neighborhoods and public spaces – four essential components of exceptional communities.  These places thrive as testaments to forward-thinking planning that promotes community involvement, showcases unique natural features and diverse architectural styles, fosters economic opportunity and a vision for tomorrow.”  —

Ocean Grove Great Neighborhood award.  When you go to this link look at the top menu and click on “neighborhoods.”  You will see that OG is lumped in with Pier Village.

Quotes below are excerpts from the NJ Chapter of the APA post about their 2017  “Great Places in New Jersey” awards.   They mention two “designees” for “Great Neighborhoods”—Ocean Grove and Pier Village.

“Founded in 1869, Ocean Grove is a unique, historic and vibrant shore community that is noted for its pristine beaches, abundant Victorian architecture and old-fashioned charm that has drawn visitors for generations. Its strong Christian roots date back to the late 19th Century’s “camp meeting” movement, when a group of Methodist ministers formed the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association to develop and operate a summer camp meeting at the Jersey shore.”

“Today, the Camp Meeting Association, the Ocean Grove Chamber of Commerce, and the many other community groups continue to provide opportunities for spiritual growth and renewal through worship as well as educational, cultural and recreational events and programs for all ages in a seaside setting.”

“The site of Ocean Grove was chosen in part because of its exceptional natural features, specifically the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Wesley Lake to the north and Fletcher Lake to the south.”

“The Ocean Grove Chamber of Commerce and Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association sponsor public activities that encourage social activity and create an overall sense of community.”

There will be an awards reception on October 30 to be held at the South Orange Performing Arts Center. Supposedly Rev. John DiBerardino will represent the CMA while a Neptune official will represent the town of Neptune.





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