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Josh Pomponio (L) Wm. Paterson U.; Katherine Picariello NYU; Marlee Roberts NYU; Scott Schuyler NYU; Stephanie Wong Rutgers; George Itzhak NYU (missing: Lindsay Rassmann Montclair State; Charlie Redd NYU)
Josh Pomponio (L) Wm. Paterson U.; Katherine Picariello, NYU; Marlee Roberts, NYU; Scott Schuler, NYU; Stephanie Wong, Rutgers; George Itzhak, NYU (missing from the photo: Lindsay Rassmann, Montclair State; Charlie Redd, NYU, Nicole Rosen, Drexel U.)   click left for full view.  Paul Goldfinger photo ©


“This is wonderful,” said BFFF producer Marlee Roberts.   She was speaking for the nine university film makers who showed their creations in the Youth Temple at Ocean Grove today.

A scene from Katherine Picariello's film A scene from Katherine Picariello’s film “Tracing.” Photo by Eileen Goldfinger


Seven of the directors from 5 different schools were thrilled to see their work projected on a big screen with professional quality audio and video provided by the Camp Meeting Association staff.  They also were delighted to be in Ocean Grove at such a beautiful venue and they were grateful to have an audience with whom they could share their work.

Paul introduces the program. The NYU hat is to honor film makers from that school who made movies in the Grove: Woody Allen and Marlee Roberts

Paul introduces the program. The NYU hat is to honor film makers from that school who made movies in the Grove: Woody Allen, David Chase, and Marlee Roberts. Eileen Goldfinger photo

The Festival began with a music and slide show featuring images of Ocean Grove by Paul Goldfinger.

Paul and Marlee introduced the program, and then the films were screened in succession.  The material was quite varied including two documentaries, a fantasy featuring a ballet sequence,  a French style film noir,  a couple of dramatic sequences,  a study of the effects of bulimia, and  a comedy about getting into the heaven of your choice.

Afterward a Q & A revealed some insights into the inspirations influencing these young film makers as well some practical revelations about how a film school degree can lead to a job in the movie industry after graduation. One insight that they shared had to do with how many people are required to produce a short film and how these students collaborate with each other and tap into each other’s talents to complete their projects.

We would like to thank the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, OGCMA staff members Chris Flynn and Shelley Belusar, assistant producer Eileen Goldfinger, our tireless creative producer Marlee Roberts, Mayor Eric Houghtaling, and Mr. Richard Lepore of the OG Chamber of  Commerce.

We also want to acknowledge our sponsors, the OG Chamber of Commerce, KFR Communications   (Andrew Gioulis), Barbaric Bean, Smugglers’ Cove, OG Flower and Gift Shop, Drs. Whilden and Brevit (painless dentists) and Cruisin’ Limo Service of Ocean Grove  (Florence and Mark Meier.)

Also thanks to the CMA volunteers who helped at the event.  Thanks finally to our audience who attended and helped  in our effort to raise some money for the OG boardwalk reconstruction.

Lastly  (but not leastly)  we want to acclaim and thank our talented filmmakers who took part in today’s festival.  We will miss you. Come back soon and bring some more great films with you.

—–Paul Goldfinger , editor @Blogfinger


From “The Aviator”  Loudon Wainwright III:  “After You’ve Gone.”


April 2022.    I’m sorry that I don’t have any followup regarding what happened to these fledgling film makers. Perhaps some Grovers will get together to resurrect this idea in the future; it was a wonderful small town event—the sort of idea that is perfect for the Grove as it moves to a better cultural/secular future to balance the religious life here.

And, you should know that the main reason we did not pursue a “Third Annual”  was the insistence on the part of the CMA that they approve every film in advance.   We reluctantly went along, and Marlee Roberts and her colleagues were beautiful in making that work, but I would never again subject young creative people to censorship.


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