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We spotted this garden while walking through the mountains to reach the Great Auditorium. Blogfinger photo 6/7/18.  Click to enlarge.


Miss Peggy has been spinning her garden wheels at the OG Woman’s Club. Our town’s gardens often contain surprises. Blogfinger photo 6/7/18.


By Paul and Eileen Goldfinger. Editors at Blogfinger.net

This event was devised in 2014 as a neighborhood get-together.  We have so many unique, innovative  small gardens in town, and wouldn’t it be fine to have Grover gardeners share their mini-botanic spaces with each other—-to visit on a Sunday; socialize and talk plants in June when everything is peaking?

We have too few community events in Ocean Grove, and the People’s Garden Tour is a low key happening that creates no grid lock, just good will.  Neighbors and  visitors can come by foot, by bicycle or even by driving around.

It was not held in the last two years, but when we did it before, it was always fun, and even though it is primarily for neighbors,  we did have some visitors from other shore towns join us in the past for a walk around our town, and they were welcome.

The date is Sunday, June 24 from 10 am to 2 pm.  Rain or shine.  At present we have one garden:  Eileen Goldfinger’s at 113 Mt. Hermon Way. Enter on Delaware Ave.   We have a pond with fish,  a fountain from Italy, an Etruscan Horse, and lots of flowering plants—all in a small space where you have to tip toe.

The 1st Annual People’s Garden Tour of 2014. Blogfinger photo.

We are beginning a list of participants.  But, even if there is one or two gardens, we will be there to welcome whoever shows up.

If any other OG gardeners want to open their botanic creations for flower/plant people, just tell us your name, address, and perhaps a few sentences about what might be special about your small space.

Send us your info by email to Blogfinger@verizon.net. There will be no advertising——just word of mouth.


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The Tawdry Sisters of Seaview Avenue. What will developers do to reduce on- street parking over there? Paul Goldfinger photo.

The Tawdry Sisters of Seaview Avenue. What will developers do to reduce on- street parking over there if RISS is canceled for the Grove?   People of Seaview: get out the pitchforks and torches.     Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net  Quotes from the application:

  1.  RSIS regulations indicate that special areas are warranted to recognize the need for preservation and/or enhancement of community character and sense of place in a given municipality.  (pg 1)
  2. This application….seeks relief from RSIS standards in an overall effort to balance the needs of residents, visitors and public safety with the unique challenges of maintaining a Federal and State Historic Designation coupled with the unique and historic patterns of development that comprise Ocean Grove as a whole. (pg 2)
  3.  The Ocean Grove Historic District is comprised of over 3,000 homes, the overwhelming majority of which are still owned by the OGCMA.   (p 3  sic)
  4. A quote from the Master Plan:  “…encouraging new construction that is compatible in scale and design to the physical character of the surrounding neighborhood.”
  5.  The sidewalks and the curbing are not maintained by the Township, with the exception of the medians and curbing on medians along Broadway. Otherwise, sidewalks and curbing are maintained by the OGCMA  (sic page 13)
  6. A shuttle service is now provided on Saturdays for people who attend Saturday night events in the Great Auditorium to help mitigate the increase in demand for parking  (sic p 17)
  7. Regarding the NERP. “The Township has effectuated a Redevelopment Agreement with the OGCMA.”
  8. In consideration of the historic designation standards, lack of vacant land and the overall Township goal of preserving the historic patterns of development in Ocean Grove, the existing density in Ocean Grove is projected to remain relatively constant, due to the fact that OG is essentially built-out  (p 24)
  9. Strict compliance with RSIS parking requirements would result in a net loss of parking spaces with in OG.  The loss of on- street parking would change its fundamental character and historic development pattern, have a detrimental effect on those residents living in Ocean Grove , and may result in the loss of the Federal Historic District Designation that OG has maintained for decades.  (p 27)
  10. It is estimated that there are approximately 1.38 potential on-street parking spaces per occupied unit (ie house or condo). This potential inventory adequately addresses the parking need, given that the average number of vehicles per household in the 2010 census is 1.5 vehicles. (p 30)
  11. Neptune Township has worked in concert with the OGCMA to continue to ameliorate parking issues within Ocean Grove. (p 31)

DREAM ON—It’s the Marvelous Wonderettes:

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This is the second Annual People’s Garden Tour in Ocean Grove.  12 amazing gardens will be on display around town. According to Pegi Costantino of the Ocean Grove Woman’s Club, which is sponsoring the event, the rains now will “give the gardens a boost so everything will be gorgeous that day, especially after the sun comes out.”

We will be posting a “blurb” about each garden.  Hopefully neighbors from the Grove will get to see all the gardens during the 4 hour window.  Interested visitors  from outside of the Grove are welcome.  Thanks to Miss Pegi for the map (see below.)  Fliers will be posted around town.

In the flier above, you will notice that it says, “Start at 89 Mt. Carmel Way”  (the home of the OGWC).  But unless you must have a map  of the participating gardens, you can start anywhere on the tour.  You will be able to print the list of gardens and perhaps the map  from the Blogfinger post.

An extra special feature has been introduced this year with the Master Gardeners being available at Greenleaf  Park to answer questions and discuss gardening.  Greenleaf  Park is a lovely spot at the intersection of Mt. Carmel Way and New York Avenue, near a row of tents, and a couple of blocks from the Great Auditorium.

Also each of the Grover gardeners will be present to welcome you neighbors and  tourists to their homes to discuss the unique features of their gardens with you.  Click on the map to make it bigger.  We will bring this posting forward again as the 20th approaches.  Please mark your calendars.  —Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger
People s Garden Tour June 20, 2015 map-page-001

PEREZ PRADO: “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White”

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1st Annual People's Garden Tour.  June, 2014.  Bev and Melinda's garden.  Blogfinger photo ©

1st Annual Ocean Grove People’s Garden Tour. June, 2014. Bev and Melinda’s garden. Blogfinger photo ©

From Miss Pegi  (aka Pegi Costantino):

Good Morning Clubbers,

September is off to a fantastic start, but that is nothing new to OG regulars.  So we really should enjoy it.  Blogfinger has asked the WC to sponsor the “ 2nd Annual People’s Garden Tour” next spring.

We will be looking for gardens to be part of the program and we are trying to pick the ideal day.  Last year it was June 14, before the summer folk come to town.  That date may be a tad late for peak rose displays and even the amazing peonies, but earlier will have not much in the way of annual flowers strutting their stuff.

Also, we do not want to compete with traditional OG events. So give me your opinions and let me know if you want your garden on the tour.


CONTACT:  Pegi@comcast.net   or go to the OGWC Facebook page:      OGWC Facebook link


MILES DAVIS  “Springsville”


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