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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

The New Jersey Site Improvement Advisory Board (SIAB) will meet briefly on Thursday, December 17, 2015 in Room 129 of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.  The meeting will begin at 10:AM and should be over by 10:30 AM.  The agenda is attached.

Immediately following, the streets and parking committee will discuss the special area application for the Ocean Grove neighborhood in Neptune Township, Monmouth County.  This meeting should end by noon.  If more time is needed for testimony, the committee will meet at a later date.  Note that there will be an opportunity for public comments.

This is a chance for citizen activists to voice their concerns that an approval of the Neptune application might make it easier for condo conversions without parking to continue in Ocean Grove.

And,incidentally, Blogfinger will attend the meeting, and jack Bredin, our researcher will present a novel idea to the sub-committee.  Some of you should come just for the shear spectacle of it all. Maybe the Home Groaners will show up along with other do-nothing representatives of OG’s citizens including the Township Committee.



Meeting Agenda for Thursday, December 17, 2015





  1. Ocean Grove proposed standards to be discussed by streets & parking committee





BF link “secretive Neptune Twp”

BF link on special standard part 2

BF article Nov. 21, 2015

Take a look at the link below and pay attention to the permitted uses in the historic district, especially the ocean front area. This is what was submitted to the Federal Government  in the 1970’s  when permission was requested for the historic designation. What would they think now  if they saw the NERP plan and the condos in that area?

OG special area app appdx part B

Below is a portion of the above document (screen shot)  which describes how the North End was when Ocean Grove was first developed—-this is the true OG history which should be emulated with the same spirit, including nothing residential east of the boardwalk and nothing west either, although a hotel was later built over there to the west.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 11.33.18 AM


Do you believe that “anything goes” when it comes to Ocean Grove zoning issues?    Well, most Grovers do not trust the Township to do what’s best for OG.  You might consider going to this meeting.

As Frank Sinatra once said, “Anything Goes.”



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PRESERVATION HALL JAZZ BAND “The Bucket’s Got a Hole in It.”

“Yeah, my bucket’s got a hole in it
Yeah, my bucket’s got a hole in it
Yeah, my bucket’s got a hole in it
I can’t buy no beer.”

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Whitfield Hotel. April, 2015. Blogfinger file photo ©

Whitfield Hotel. April, 2015. Blogfinger file photo ©  (George Whitfield was a famous 18th century Methodist preacher). It is at the intersection of Surf Ave., Beach Ave., Bath Ave., and Lonely St.

From T.S.:

Does anyone have an update on the future of the Whitfield?  It seems all discussion and news has stalled.

Thank you.

Editor’s Note:   Here is a link to  our last article on this subject from last April:       BF on Whitfield

Here is a link to our 2013 background piece on this property.   Whitfield discussion on BF

The last we heard was that there is a long lead time to find housing for tenants prior to demolition.


“Well, since my baby left me
Well, I found a new place to dwell
Well, it’s down at the end of Lonely Street
At Heartbreak Hotel
Where I’ll be, I’ll be so lonely, baby
Well, I’m so lonely
I’ll be so lonely, I could die”

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The boundary line between OG and Asbury is in front of that bench. Blogfinger photo. 8/25/15

The boundary line between OG and Asbury is between those two benches (see below). Blogfinger photo. 8/25/15 ©

This is where the new boardwalk will be 35 feet wide in front of the White Whale. 8/25/15. Blogfinger.net photos.

This is where the new boardwalk will be 35 feet wide in front of the White Whale. 8/25/15. Blogfinger.net photos.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

August 25, 2015.     GOOD NEWS posted today by J.P. Gradone, COO of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association:

“I am pleased to announce that FEMA and NJDEP have approved our expansion of the North End boardwalk from 20’ wide to 30’ wide, and the expansion of the area in front of the Homestead building from 20’ to 35’. 

“As of last night, Neptune Township awarded the bid to Epic Management, Inc., which is the same company that installed the Middle Boardwalk last spring.  We plan to begin construction in early Fall with completion before the holidays.”



  1. There are three North End boardwalk plans: the one sent to FEMA, the one described in the 2008 NERP, and the one voted on last night, but there are differences between the NERP and last night’s plan in terms of width, elevations and easements.
  1. The Mayor (Mary Beth Jahn) and the Township Engineer (Leanne Hoffman) did not attend last night’s Committee meeting to explain why the approved plan is different from the official Committee plan (i.e. the North End Redevelopment Plan of 2008.) They should be identical.
  1. No one at the meeting last night including Blogfinger has ever seen the actual boardwalk plan which was submitted to FEMA by the CMA. The engineer who designed the FEMA boardwalk plan, Peter Avakian, was not present. He is the same engineer who designed the 2008 NERP, and his company designed the plan which was voted on last night.   He should have been at the meeting to answer technical questions. No one at the meeting showed diagrams of the plan to those in attendance or explained the technical details or handed out copies.    FEMA requires that any plan which they approve is followed assiduously by the Redeveloper. By the way, there is no official Redeveloper yet and no Redevelopers Agreement yet. Boardwalk work can begin under the supervision of the Committee.
  1. At last night’s meeting, Committeeman Randy Bishop said “The new boardwalk will have a bulkhead that will protect it from future storms.” But he gave no details.


  1. The old boardwalk which is 30 feet wide north of the Pavilion will be patched, not replaced.
  1.  The section of the new “North End Boardwalk” that will be within the “Area in need of Redevelopment” and is now under the authority of the Township will begin at Sea View Avenue and go north to the Asbury Park boundary line which is about 45 feet north of the White Whale.
Boundary between OG and AP. Look carefully at the arrow. Blogfinger photo © 8/25/15.

Boundary line between OG and AP. Look carefully at the arrow where it says OG. Blogfinger photo © 8/25/15.  No one knows what the rest of the boardwalk (i.e. Asbury property) will look like as it extends to the Casino.

  1. Originally, the North End boardwalk was 60 feet wide in this section when the commercial area was built in 1910. The NERP calls for a 60 foot boardwalk, but we are going to get 30 feet now on the OG side, except as noted by Mr. Gradone.
  1. Easements will have to be revealed because there will be pipes under the boardwalk for electric, water, gas,etc to reach the White Whale or its replacement, and access easements on top must be revealed for future garbage pickup, deliveries, trucks, etc. Elevations are important to be disclosed because there are new 100 year federal flood recommendations after Sandy. The new boardwalk must align with all adjacent elements.
  1. Note that Wesley Lake goes under that north end boardwalk, so we suggest that the Wesley Lake Commission be part of these discussions.

SPECULATION: (Blogfinger is making some educated guesses:)

  1. No underground garage will be built. Instead they will build an above-ground garage–at least two stories high.
  1. These new boardwalk specs might not work when the final North End plans appear, and the $600,000 FEMA North End boardwalk might have to be torn up.
  1. Perhaps the single family homes will get lost in the condo shuffle.
  1. The CMA will be removed as a redeveloper, leaving WAVE as the only one. WAVE will hire a developer to do the actual construction. When the identities of all WAVE investors who own over 10% are revealed, some CMA trustees will be on the list.

Credit: Jack Bredin of Ocean Grove, researcher.

THE FLAMINGOS:       We only have eyes on who?

“I don’t know if we’re in a garden or on a crowded avenue.”

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It's still there: the fence between Ocean Grove and B. Beach.  7/23/15.  7:40 am. Blogfinger.net photo ©  Click to see fence better

It’s still there: the fence between Ocean Grove and B. Beach.  7/23/15.  7:40 am. Blogfinger.net photo ©  Click to see fence better

In case you aren’t sure, there is a sign there showing you where Bradley Beach and Ocean Grove are located.  The fence remains, but it doesn’t end at the water’s edge, so it appears to be symbolic.  There are no guards.  We  understand that BB put up the fence.   In the absence of more information, it looks un-neighborly at most and mostly dumb at best.

This morning, on the BB side were two surfers; on the OG side was one fisherman.

Bradley Beach, Baby Baby: Where did our love go?


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New Victorian lights being installed on Broadway. June 17, 2015. Heading east, they are near Delaware Avenue. Blogfinger photo. ©  Click for more wattage.

New Victorian lights being installed on Broadway. June 17, 2015. Heading east, they are near Delaware Avenue. Blogfinger photo. ©  Click for more wattage.

“When I Get My Name in Lights”   The original cast of the 2003 show The Boy From Oz:

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Sam of OG Surf and Skate on Main Avenue where the toy shop used to live (next door to Cheese on Main)    Click to enlarge.

Sam of OG Surf and Skate on Main Avenue where the toy shop used to live (next door to Cheese on Main)   Paul Goldfinger photo @Blogfinger.   May 23, 2015.     Click to enlarge.

Photo and text by Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Samantha (“Sam”) Scordato is the 25 year old proprietor of the OG Surf and Skate, a specialty store that sells surf boards, skate boards, accessories and life style clothing (bathing suits, shirts and what to wear when boarding.)  When she told me that she carries wax and leashes, I looked again to see if I had stumbled on a sex shop.  But no such luck.

The business used to be located beneath the Majestic Hotel. Some of you may recall that shop. Currently they are in the strip mall outside the gates of the Grove, but only until that lease is up.  But Sam will be the only employee at the Main Avenue OG store, and they are now open—daily 9:30-7.

Sam carries beginners (“starters”)  equipment for both sports as well as more advanced gear. She says that she prefers to deal with “small brands” instead of major suppliers because she, herself is a small business.

The S and S shop  (to be distinguished from S and M shop which will open on Main next year) will be open year round. Sam says that winter is a prime time of year for ocean surfers.

Today Sam and her parents are busy organizing the shop, so you can stop by and say hello. She is an effervescent  young lady, less than five feet vertically, but with an extra large personality.  Her shirt says “Brooklyn South Homicide Squad” so evidently she knows somebody who knows somebody.


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Ocean Grove pier:  Pier - "Work on the pier will be considered after all outstanding projects have been completed."  Paul Goldfinger  photo. ©

Ocean Grove CMA:   Pier – “Work on the pier will be considered after all outstanding projects have been completed.” Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

Ocean Grove United has kindly supplied Blogfinger with highlights from the Community Leaders Meeting presented by the OGCMA:

1.     North End Boardwalk – The boardwalk will be widened to 30 feet and will be composed primarily of Trex. FEMA will pay for 90% of the cost to replace the original width of boardwalk and CMA will pay the additional amount for the expansion. DEP approval is still required because the project will require pushing back the dunes. Every effort is being made to complete the project by the summer.

2.  Saturday night concert schedule – Bookings have been made with the Beach Boys, Kenny Rogers, Garrison Keilor, Paul Anka, a Four Seasons tribute band, and the Lovin’ Spoonful and the Rascals.

3.  Great Auditorium roof – It has proven difficult to find suitable materials. The Revere company is making a comparable material and hopefully will be in production by the end of March.

4.   Ocean Grove Hardware groundwater remediation – The tanks for old gas pumps on the site of the Ocean Grove Hardware store were removed in the 1990’s. The groundwater has been checked, but some work remains to sink temporary wells on the site. This project will be completed in a year or two.


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By Dr. Carol. Photojournalism at its best inside the Mother Ship. 11/17/14.

By Dr. Carol. Photojournalism at its best inside the Mother Ship. 11/17/14.



I was over at the township offices today and noticed this sign — all the block and lot numbers in town will change with this year’s tax notice.  Here’s a picture of the notice — sorry for the quality of the image, it was covered with plastic.

Dr. Carol

LEON REDBONE:  He wonders what this “change for 2015” will actually do.  Basically, Leon asks, “Is there any there there?”  Leon knows:


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OGCMA banner

On November 12, we posted an item regarding testing to be done by the DEP on Main Avenue by the toy store. We had no details at that point, however, today we heard from J.P. Gradone, the COO/Executive Director  of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association. His comments are below, and we thank him for helping us get the story straight.

Here is the background link:     Link to DEP story


Email from JP Gradone dated Nov. 14, 2014:

Let me update you and give some clarification as to the matter of the fuel tank remediation at the hardware store.  As you may be aware, over 20 years ago several fuel tanks were removed from an area in front of the hardware store.  At that time, some soil contamination was detected and a remediation plan initiated by our Environmental Consultant. 

“The additional temporary monitoring wells that will be installed on Monday, will be the next step in our process  towards the closing of this case.  Oversight of this project is being done by our Environmental Consultant who specializes in groundwater/soil remediation, and works in cooperation with the NJDEP.  Although this is a long and expensive process, the Camp Meeting is committed to bringing this to a successful end.

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