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Many OG gardens can be enjoyed by strolling by. Main Avenue. Just give us your address. Blogfinger photo June, 2018. ©


By Paul and Eileen Goldfinger, Editors @Blogfinger Botanical Gardens

Ocean Grove has more lovely small gardens per square mile than any other town in the Garden State.    And these Grover gardens are largely accessible by people walking by.

So our OG People’s Garden Tour on Sunday, June 24, from 10 am to 2 pm, gives the town’s gardeners a chance to share their botanic accomplishments with neighbors and visitors.

You don’t even have to be present or conduct a tour if your garden can be viewed by someone walking by.  And it doesn’t matter if you haven’t finished your gardening…it’s always a work in progress.  No need to fuss.  The visit is the most important. There’s always something to see.

It’s necessary that our community of residents show that simplicity and spontaneity can be rewarding too.  It doesn’t always have to be car shows and gridlock tourist events dominated by out-of-towners.

It’s not important to spend a lot of money.  Even one nice plant can be of interest.

Main Avenue. OG 6/13/18. All photos by Blogfinger. ©

And you may find some surprises:

Don’t step on the flowers or else off with your heads.


Pond and fish. 113 Mt. Hermon Way—backyard Delaware side. Walk right in. —-Something fishy by Paul and Eileen


All we need is your address  (mail to BlogfInger@verizon.net)  so that our online list can show places to visit for those who want to visit gardens, even if it is just a walk-by.

For those who can be home for garden visitors, that would be even better because of the conversations which can be sociable and educational.  But you don’t have to be there.

And if your garden is accessible only by walking into your back yard then we can note that on the list; presumably you will be there to admit the visitors.

So far we  have three gardens on the list, but consider emailing us with your address and perhaps a short description of what you will be displaying.  And we will have a souvenir Ocean Grove prize for all  those who show up at 113 Mt. Hermon Way.

And, as a cardiologist, I will give a prize to anyone who can show me foxglove.


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Ocean Grove colors. December 1, 2015. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

Ocean Grove garden with a colorful display of nandina.  December 1, 2015. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©   Click to enlarge.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

The gardens in Ocean Grove are still showing color even though most of the leaves have fallen from the trees.   Many shrubs in towns are now resplendent with berries and autumn leaves of reds, yellows, purples and gold.   A multi-color display prevailed  in a lush garden hugging the sidewalk and  shown above  on Main Avenue near New Jersey Avenue.

While we chatted with the gardener, a squirrel scurried over via  a low tree branch.  The creature practically came nose to nose with her, as if they were partners in experiencing the lingering  display of colors.

Inside our house, buds were forming on Eileen’s Christmas cactus which has the promise of deep pink flowers very soon.



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