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The Monmouth County Historical Association presents a major exhibition to mark the 5th  anniversary of the Storm in 2017.  Those involved in the exhibit spent much of the year collecting photographs and artifacts and conducting oral history interviews in order to allow all interested parties from our average Monmouth county  citizen, to scientists, to the Country Freeholeders, to recall the storm in their own words.  The exhibit will run through 2018. 

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Six contributing photographers listed at the bottom of the announcement include Paul Goldfinger of Blogfinger.net


photo two - Version 2

Paul Goldfinger ©. Ocean Grove boardwalk.  November 7, noon. 2012.  Volunteers at work.

TOOTS THIELEMANS:  “Manha de Carnaval.”  (Theme from Black Orpheus)

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US Attorney for New Jersey Paul Fishman speaking at the press conference Oct.  16, 2014.   N.J.com photo

US Attorney for New Jersey Paul Fishman speaking at the Asbury Park press conference Oct. 16, 2014.  At the far right is Neptune Township Chief of Police James H. Hunt, Jr.     N.J.com photo

A great  deal of planning and coordination among local, state and federal agencies resulted in a large early morning raid at multiple locations on a major drug trafficking ring that supplied heroin and cocaine to dealers  throughout Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex Counties.  The operation was scheduled based on evidence gathered  over the course of a year.  The drug ring was conducting most of its deals in Asbury Park and Neptune Township. The arrest this morning of 14 individuals, with others still at large, included the booking of two organization leaders, one of whom is from Neptune.

At a press conference in Asbury Park this afternoon, Paul Fishman, U.S, Attorney said,  “It is no secret that heroin abuse is at an all time high.” Fishman said, “With the heroin epidemic in this area reaching extraordinary heights, those of us in federal law enforcement believe that it was critical to target those who share a hefty portion of the blame and to do that in close cooperation with our county partners.”  (Quotes from NJ.com reporting *)

Fishman said, “The more than a year investigation included wiretaps, surveillance operations and undercover buys. In the wiretaps, there were discussions about quality control, consumer satisfaction and branding – all topics a savvy businessman might discuss.”

The New Jersey agent in charge of DEA said that heroin related deaths numbered 350 from Monmouth County over the last 5 years.  Note that another major drug bust had been conducted last March in Monmouth County.


Drug bust article nj.com   *





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