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Blogfrog is about 2 inches long. He must have strolled over from the Wesley Retention/DetentionBasin. PG photo. July, 2016. ©

Blogfrog is about 2 inches long. He must have strolled over from the Wesley Retention/Detention Basin. PG photo. July, 2016. © It’s Christmas in July.  Let’s make frognog.


This frog can do a fine impression of Elvis.  Here is his recent recording with Martina McBride:

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Chester, New Jersey. By Paul Goldfinger. © Blogfinger.net

Chester, New Jersey. By Paul Goldfinger. © Blogfinger.net


SHE and HIM:   From their album “A Very She and Him Christmas.”

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Ocean Grove: decorating a tent for the house tour. Dec. 6i, 2019. Jean Bredin ©


The tent was decorated inside and out for Saturday’s  (Dec. 7)  tour of Christmas houses in Ocean Grove.
The Christmas tree inside had vintage bangles, baubles, and balls, in addition to Teddy Bears, and Dolls, a 100 plus year old Victorian print of Christmas.


ELLIS MARSALIS    “Christmas Joy”  From A New Orleans Christmas Carol.


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Paris. Notre Dame. By Paul Goldfinger © Kodachrome 64. Click to enlarge.


By Zacar (composer)—–Charlotte Church,  Sian Edwards, Stephen  Westrop, London Symphony Orchestra, and London Symphony Chorus  from the album  Dream a Dream:  “When a Child is Born”


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Window Display.  Beach House. Ocean Grove. ©  By Paul Goldfinger. Blogfinger.net

Window display. Beach House. Ocean Grove. © By Paul Goldfinger. Blogfinger.net

To the Editor:

Dear Santa (& all who will listen)

For Christmas I’d like several things …

  • Removal of the garbage laden dumpster on Main Avenue, OG
  • Demolition of the hazardous eyesore also on Main (#80 to be exact)
  • Resurfacing of the myriad patched local OG streets (perhaps $ to re-align my vehicle, too)
  • Someone to re-visit/re-align our recent property tax increases ( $2000 for me)
  • A more specific schedule at the Neptune Senior Center (with adherence, of course)
  • Affirmation of Ocean Grove’s status as a National and State Historic District
  • Banish the Grinches who would steal our community’s heritage (i.e. “the North End Project”)

My thoughts are many, my list is short.

Merry Christmas


Ocean Grove, NJ. December 22, 2015


TELLY SEVALIS:  “This is all I ask”


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Asbury Avenue, Ocean Grove. December 1, 2915.By Paul Goldfinger

Asbury Avenue at Delaware, Ocean Grove. December 1, 2015.By Paul Goldfinger  ©  Blogfinger.net.  Click to see the toy soldier.  

ELLLIS MARSALIS   “A New Orleans Christmas.”  It’s a waltz. 


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Ocean Grove Main Avenue.  By Rich Amole, Blogfinger staff

Ocean Grove Main Avenue. Dec. 13, 2014.  By Rich Amole, Blogfinger staff


“Caught between two signs”  and no where to go of the Christmas Tree at Main & Pilgrim Pathway.

The photo I took last weekend on my nocturnal stroll around town to see all the Holiday lighting on my first Christmas visit to the Grove.


LEANN RIMES    “Hard Candy Christmas.”


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Ocean View Inn. 2010. By Paul Goldfinger. ©

Ocean View Inn. Ocean Grove, NJ.  2010. By Paul Goldfinger. ©


THE KLEZMONAUTS   from their album “Oy to the World.”

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