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This is the cover of the Together Campaign 2015 booklet. This painting was made by Sue Anderson Gioulis, artist of Ocean Grove. ©

This is the cover of the Together Campaign appreciation 2015 booklet. The painting was created  by Sue Anderson Gioulis, Ocean Grove artist. © Re-post in Blogfinger from 2015.  The Together Campaign raised over $1,500,000.


Sign on the Great Auditorium before Sandy hit. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©


August, 2015:      “May what we do and how we do it strengthen and rebuild Ocean Grove.”

“These words introduce the booklet just distributed at the Together Campaign dedication of the newly renovated Cupola in Auditorium Square Park on Sunday, August 2, 2015.  The booklet lists all the contributors, volunteers, organizations, fund raiser events, citizens, businesses, Together Campaign workers, and others who deserve recognition for their contributions to achieve the Campaign’s goals. Over 2,000 people contributed money, large and small amounts.”

“The recognition list of all these groups and people is huge and will make great bedtime reading.    The booklet contains a history of the Sandy super-storm in OG along with many photographs.  It will become a treasured memento.”

“Dale Whilden, President of the OGCMA said  (August 2, 2015) , ‘The great and overwhelming success of the TOGETHER Campaign was achieved by the generosity of dedicated donors, valuable volunteers, extraordinary organizations, and commitment of the Campaign Steering Committee, each of which worked hand-in-hand to accomplish a virtually miraculous outcome’ ”


Editor’s Note, April, 2019:  The OG Camp Meeting Association accomplished quite a few projects with this fund including boardwalk repairs, Great Auditorium roof reconstruction, and Thornley Chapel project, among others.

The Blogfinger Film Festival is mentioned among that large list of contributors.  We brought  film students from  6 universities in the area.  The event was held in the Youth Temple with the help of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts and the OGCMA.  All profits went to the Fund.

Soon the CMA will embark on another fund raising drive which will have multiple goals including restoring the Pier.  We will report on the details.

–Paul Goldfinger,   Editor@Blogfinger.net

ALICIA MORTON and VICTOR GARBER  from Annie—-“Leaping lizards, together at last, together forever”

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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor  @Blogfinger

Friday afternoon.  May 30, 2014.  Ocean Grove’s Middle Beach Boardwalk Project is underway—full steam ahead.

J.P. Gradone, COO of the CMA, had it right when he recently said, “It’s like when you build a house. Once the foundation is done, the framing goes real fast.”


The view from the south end of the project.  All photos  and video by Paul Goldfinger ©

The view from the south end of the project.  Note the horizontal supports which are set into the piles.  All photos and video by Paul Goldfinger ©


And so it goes for the OG  boardwalk project which seemed to be dragging in recent weeks during the excavation phase when the infrastructure was created including exposing the rusty hulk of a bulkhead.  The boardwalk was to be set into place west of its prior location so that it could be behind the reinforced bulkhead.

But now, a busy crew is going full speed down there as they drive piles rapidly into the ground using a very tall machine that looks like the Parachute Jump at Coney Island. As each pile is driven into place, the machine seems to slow down, take a deep breath and then belch out some dark smoke—only to move onto the next one without delay.

Then those piles are set upon by a team of burly guys who create notches in the piles to receive  horizontal thick wood beams.    After that the components are sandwiched together, and the workers  use  long strong drill bits to chew into the wood rapidly, creating holes for the galvanized steel bolts which hold it all together. Then steel washers and nuts are cranked in place using hand operated big wrenches.  Notches have also been placed into the steel bulkhead to receive the horizontal members on the ocean side.

Bolts out of the blue. ©

Bolts out of the blue  attach the horizontal beams to the pilings.  ©


There is no doubt now that this project will be completed on time.  Even the Boardwalk Watchers Association can see that.

The Boardwalk Watchers' Association. An ad hoc group keeping an eye on things.  The regular OG hoc groups are missing.  ©

The Boardwalk Watchers’ Association. An ad hoc group keeping an eye on things.  ©  Click left to join the fun.


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