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“Many haunting and fun songs come out of Winterpills  (2007), and I like this one in particular—- “Shameful.” Each number appears as a part of a larger message machine, or portfolio.”

Winterpills is an American Indie Rock band.

From Brian O’Reilly:    “The musicians speak as one voice,  as they say on their bio page. They formed after one brutal winter of “breakups and deaths.” But this crew distills experiences like a musical moonshine operation with poetry and images run through their distillery, transforming despair into hope, cold into joy, and empty jars into product.

“As read in their website, band members were drawn together not out of fame and sport, but out of their real and very personal lives. “Not of disport and recreation,” as Queen Elizabeth I so famously said to her soldiers in her Tilbury speech to Renaissance troops fighting Spain.  The fighters there were dispirited regarding the coming battlefield, but then elevated by her crafted appearance.”

“The lyrics are abstract, brief. Taken together with their other music, a story of the importance to view despair as fleeting is kindly conveyed. The music and imagery are reflections of inspirational and familiar 60’s riffs. It seems the best acts fondly recount for our pleasure their history, fleeting history, and our shared history. Enjoy!”

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Brian says, “What do you hear?  Tiger Waves, a band from Austin, Texas, has this reflective and calming message for us. A Hammond Organ dance, this song bids and binds us to listen, in our case, to the sea—our sea–with her magic which has granted us with breeze, calm, reflection.

A theme in all their music, which includes references to nature, personal emotion, greatness, relations, kindness; and it all twines together in a friendly ’60’s sound.   This question of whom do we follow, and there are we going, bleeds through.

“In Retrograde” is from Tiger Waves’ 2016 album Tippy Beach.

“Where do we go?

I would just follow you down ’till the water comes,

Where do we go?

I would just follow you there.”


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