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Brian says, “What do you hear?  Tiger Waves, a band from Austin, Texas, has this reflective and calming message for us. A Hammond Organ dance, this song bids and binds us to listen, in our case, to the sea—our sea–with her magic which has granted us with breeze, calm, reflection.

A theme in all their music, which includes references to nature, personal emotion, greatness, relations, kindness; and it all twines together in a friendly ’60’s sound.   This question of whom do we follow, and there are we going, bleeds through.

“In Retrograde” is from Tiger Waves’ 2016 album Tippy Beach.

“Where do we go?

I would just follow you down ’till the water comes,

Where do we go?

I would just follow you there.”


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The group is called Slowdive, and the song is “Sugar For the Pill.”  Brian O’Reilly of OG submitted this. He says that he likes this music “very much” and that it is a “new direction” for this performer.

I found this:   “After more than two decades, famed English shoegaze pioneers Slowdive have come back in impressive fashion. The second new song to be released from their upcoming album is a punchy new single called Sugar for the Pill. On the bass drum-driven track, the band embraces the same washed-out waves of sound that helped them gain acclaim in the first place, providing listeners with a relaxing new song with which to spend their self-reflection time.”

The music department at Blogfinger agrees with the above. The video is hypnotic.


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