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CDC graphic. But even tightening your mask probably won’t do much.


Don’t go anywhere where you might be exposed.  NY Post.


Spanish flu killed 50 million 1918 -20 Reuters. People hated to wear masks then. They were not compulsory in the US.


By Paul Goldfinger, MD.   Editor @Blogfinger.net

Today Florida began opening up some businesses such as coffee shops. A couple sat down at an outdoors café.  They sat close together and wore no masks. A waitress came out, also with no mask, and took their order.  Then she returned with their food.

An air conditioning tech arrived at our house today and came in without a mask.  So we put on masks in our own house, and then later he found a mask, so we took ours off.

On the streets we see some with masks and some without. There’s confusion. If one is walking in an open space, like a park, and no one is around, then why wear a mask? Just keep that 6 foot distance.

We see groups on bikes, riding in single file 6 feet apart.  None are wearing masks. Why should they?  And then, if they stop for a rest, get off their bikes, and then clump together for a chat….put on the mask and separate, with the separate part  being most important.

Mayor DeBlasio. NY Post.

The Mayor of NYC was seen wearing a kerchief on his face. He looked like he might rob a convenience store.  Some states merely tell their citizens to “cover their faces.” The masks that healthcare workers wear, which do block viruses, are not available to the public, and dust masks or even surgical masks don’t block the virus.

People are confused about masks  (aka “face coverings.”) and that confusion is causing some mass insanity.

The governor of NJ requested that we wear masks when we are out and about.  But he said that the decision was voluntary. What the hey?  His executive orders are requests that seem optional because he’s not tough enough, and the police won’t enforce his rules because they are not actual laws.

The World Health Organization (WHO), which has updated its guidelines for the use of protective face masks, warns that “the wide use of masks by healthy people in the community setting is not supported by current evidence and carries uncertainties and critical risks.”

Now, new findings, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, suggest that neither surgical nor cloth masks are at all effective in stopping the spread of SARS-CoV-2.     “Neither surgical nor cotton masks effectively filtered SARS–CoV-2 during coughs by infected patients,” the researchers write in their study paper.

The CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies) especially in areas of significant
community-based transmission.
The CDC doesn’t think much of masks.   They say that “cloth face coverings fashioned from household items or made at home from common materials can be used as an additional, voluntary public health measure.”     “Additional voluntary ??”  Is that science?

:     “Over 30 countries have made masks compulsory in public, including  Germany, Austria and Poland. This is despite the science saying masks do little to protect healthy wearers and only might  prevent them from infecting other people if they are infected.
When I was practicing medicine, we would go into the OR wearing masks, but it was so that we do not transmit germs into the operative field.
Now we are told that masks worn by infected individuals, with or without symptoms, may block transmission of germs into their environment, but don’t count on it.
For healthy individuals, wearing masks won’t protect you, but, say the experts, wear them if you want !!
Live Science:  “There’s been enough research done to be able to confidently say that masks wouldn’t be able to stop the spread of infection to healthy people, and that they would only have a small effect on transmission”
“We shouldn’t be relying on masks to help us go back to normal.”  Social distancing is much more important along with compulsive hand washing.
I must admit that I have a mild case of “masked insanity.”  And it seems to be spreading faster than the virus itself.


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  1. Seems social distancing and at lengths greater than 6 feet is the most effective step we can take. I have to believe wearing a mask has to help to some degree.

    I read that diners at a restaurant sitting “downwind” from a COVID-19 infected person who was coughing in front of an AC vent infected 9 dinner guests. There was no followup story on whether they died.

    Everyday new risks are being uncovered about COVID.

    Lets start with initial wrong information the public has received: Only those greater than 50 years old with a health ailment get sick; children not at all…well 19 children in NYC have suffered dangerous consequences from COVID just recently; COVID goes away in April with the sun shining and birds singing, yet it spread aggressively across the warmest parts of Asia.

    So, for sure don’t wear a mask.

    Surfs up check out, those waves!

    My rights are being violated dude!

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