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You can get a sticker like this at the recycling dump on Heck Avenue in Neptune, near the cemetery and the Middle School.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

Grovers have small gardens, but somehow they produce sizable amounts of yard waste which is defined as leaves, garden plants, and weeds. And if you are pruning or picking up branches, those would also be picked up, unless the branches are too large for the containers.  In that case, you have “brush,” and that is collected once per month.

The yard waste is collected twice per month and must be put out in reusable containers from June -October.  No grass clippings are allowed. And no waste in plastic or biodegradable bags will be accepted.

There are 4 zones in Neptune.  Two are in Ocean Grove:   Zone B (north of Main Avenue) and Zone C (south of Main Avenue.)  Zone B pickup occurs on the 2nd and 4th full weeks of the month.  Zone C is the 1st and 3rd full week of the month.

You put the waste at the curb on Sunday night for collection by Friday of your collection week.  Extra pails and stickers are available at the recycling center.

If you are as flabbergasted as I am, then don’t despair, even though these instructions are more complicated than some medical procedures.

So the Neptune DPW has a solution to help us Grovers cope with the yard waste pick-up schedule. But you really should get a calendar girl:


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"Yard waste in bags will not be taken" (Neptune yard waste collection rules for 2016)

“Yard waste in bags will not be taken” (Neptune yard waste collection rules for 2016)

I know a Grover who put out about 8 black bags filled with yard waste.  He put them out for regular pickup.  The trash men opened a bag and found yard waste.  So they left his bags there at the curb and dropped off a schedule.

When I decided to do some yard work, I sort of remembered that  you could put out your yard waste in green pails.   So I put out my green pails filled with yard waste along with the regular garbage, but the trash department rejected my submission also.

Life is filled with inevitable failures, and we all must accept that reality, but to be rejected by the trash men, well that is humiliating;   especially since the trash men are not known as people who reject trash.  They usually are pretty accepting  and reliable guys and not very fussy in their work.   In fact, they are, I suspect, very highly rated among the citizens when compared to other municipal employees, especially those who are in management.  We should do a poll comparing the popularity of the trash men with the members of the Neptune Committee.

My point is illustrated by this story:   A woman who, dressed in her bathrobe, with her hair in curlers and a mud pack on her face, hears the garbage truck on her street, so she grabs her trash and runs after the truck.  She cries out, “Hey trash men;  am I too late for the trash?”

They answer her, “No lady, jump right in.”   So you see, trash men are usually quite accommodating.

You will notice that the schedule says, “Place reusable containers at the curb by 6 am on the dates below:”  But  most of the dates are on Sunday, and as they say, “Never on Sunday.”  And one date is on Labor Day.   So, probably all the dates that are on Sunday should be Monday.  The trash business can get pretty complicated.

So, what is the solution?    Below are the rules which we had previously posted, but some of us missed the memo or forgot the memo.

But, as a plan B, you can always bring your yard waste to the recycling center on Heck Avenue near the Intermediate School.  There, if you can prove that you are a Neptuner, they will offer you a place to dump your yard waste, but not in bags.




So ladies, here’s a strategy to get the trash man’s attention.  Can you do an impression of Marlene Dietrich?  (From Woody’s film Scenes From a Mall)


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TINY TIM collects  yard waste with his best gal:

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