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8:35 AM sun is out in Ocean Grove. Firemen’s Park May 12, 2018, after a heavy rain in the early morning hours.   After 9 am, it was cloudy with some sun, so a day of eager shopping began. Blogfinger action photo




Sometimes, at the Town-Wide yard sale , a girl can find something fetching in pink to wear this summer. All photographs by Paul Goldfinger taken in Ocean Grove, Blogfinger.net © 5/12/18



Combining fun and bargains on Stockton Avenue in Ocean Grove..  Town-Wide Yard Sale. Blogfinger photo 5/12/18 ©



Probably the most unusual item for sale was this sitar at Eric and Gina’s home on Stockton Avenue. ©



Jean ran the sale at their home on Heck Ave., but Jack Bredin got to wear his Stones’ T Shirt which he got working backstage at that concert in the 1990’s. Blogfinger photo .



Some sellers featured artwork—paintings and photography.


L1003179 (1)

All kidding aside, what a deal! This was an unusual Saturday event: no parking problems; relaxed mood; meeting and greeting friends, and no kids. (well, there were a few,  one little guy bought a squeezable Obama head from us–he liked the ears.) Blogfinger.net


With 63 sellers  (a record)  and a nice turnout by shoppers as the day wore on, the yard sailors we interviewed agreed that the Town-Wide Yard Sale was a success:  a rewarding, fun, and social Ocean Grove happening—a neighborhood project by community minded residents.

As for the  weather, first you  say you do and then you don’t; then you say you will, and then you won’t; you’re undecided now, so what are you going to do?

Well, we all rolled the dice, stuck to the plan, and it was a fine fine day.



2020 note:    This year we cancelled. This remains  a perfect concept for “small town America.”   It is really fun!  But will we have it next May?  We’re undecided now, so what are we going to do?

As peeping Tom once said, “Let’s wait and see.”

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