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Monmouth County Museum. Photo by Surfer.. Click to enlarge.  Reflections from glass.


Closeup of opening to the ocean which is shown as a sand bar easily traversed back and forth by the  Ocean.


From Surfer, an OG resident:

Went to Monmouth County Historical Association museum in Freehold on Saturday
Interesting 1877 watercolor of Wesley Lake from Asbury side.
You may notice two things:
1. Size of lake much larger and lots of boats.
2. Apparently the beach was not connected between Asbury Park and Ocean Grove, so the lake could flow in/out. That is why one had to take a ferry boat to/from AP (and later pay a penny to cross a bridge).

Trace the streams into Wesley Lake (Long Pond) and the communication with the Ocean.

Editor’s Note:  There are those affiliated with Neptune Township who have argued that Wesley Lake  (recently named the Wesley Detention-Retention Basin) is a “man made lake.”
Here is a link to one of our posts on that subject:
CARLY SIMON:  From her album Into White

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