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The Greeks taught the Romans to appreciate the art of the tush. Florence , Italy. Paul Goldfinger photo.

Edward Weston’s 1925 nude image of Miriam Lerner. From the Collection of the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson.


A bathing beauty butt this one is in A. Park, August, 2016. Paul Goldfinger photo ©.  Click for a closer look.


From the Blogfinger Department of Fake News…Paul  Goldfinger,  Editor Blogfinger.net


The editors at Blogfinger are happy to announce that they will sponsor the 2nd Annual WCT International Photo Competition.  The First Annual was held last year in Vegas, but, because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, the news never got out.

However soon it will be short-shorts season and then, hot on its tail, will be the thong season on the  OG Beach, which was recently chosen as one of the ten top beaches in the world for world class tushes.

Some years ago, Blogfinger was selected to be the official thong counter on the OG beach. That summer, there was only one, and that was on a dude. But that was also about 10 years ago, so get out your cameras and keep those eyes wide open.

You may submit more than one photo, and it could be a man, a woman, or something else.  But no fake bottoms are permitted for our Fake News contest.

We will award the photo prizes based on the quality of the subject matter and photographic excellence.  But, under no circumstances, will we allow objectification of any gender. We are celebrating the art of the tush, as pioneered by Pablo Picasso, Botticelli, Robert Mapplethorpe, Manet, Edward Weston and many other great artists who loved to photograph or sculpt, or paint glorious rear ends.

And many of the world’s most famous celebrities achieved fame when images of their bottoms were seen throughout the world, and that includes Marilyn Monroe,  Josephine Baker, Lady Gaga,  Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson (whose mom also had a spectacular tush), and Pamela Anderson.  And let’s not forget Justin Bieber and Hulk Hogan’s son.


THOMAS MATO BLANCHOT  from the album Sapli Soda Bossa

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