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a.  Many restaurants have closed in the New York/New Jersey area due to the effects of COVID—perhaps 10,000.    Today we learned that the All-Star Bagel Shop on Main Avenue, only about one year old, is for sale.  A citizen reporter alerted us to an ad posted by WildFire Realty, LLC.

The ad says, “Now is your chance to get in before the SPRING/SUMMER RUSH. Very profitable Jersey Shore beach town Existing Bagel Shop serving Breakfast and Lunch OR change to your own specialty. Perfect for owner operator.”

From the real estate ad.

The listed price says $99,000 but there are no specifics.  Under “parking” it says  “street parking.”   There is a need for a bagel shop in town that sells coffee. But the drawbacks currently present do create obstacles for success. For one, what do you do with the bagel holes?

And here’s a bagel article from last summer in Blogfinger, perhaps the world’s leading publication covering the bagel scene:

Bagels and lox on Blogbagel.


b.  The Woman’s Club of Ocean Grove, currently on hold, may be reopening next year.  Miss Pegi, the creative mistress of ceremonies at the Club, is reviewing the the situation.

From the 1994 Broadway production of “Oliver:”


c.  Blogfinger has submitted two scholarly analyses of environmental concerns at the North End of OG to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection  We sent our  assessment of “Who Killed Wesley Lake, Parts I and II”  by the Blogfinger staff.

If you want to contact them, here is a link discussing how.  Do it tonight or you might be late.

Contact the DEP about the North End of OG


From the Blogfinger post about “Who Killed Wesley Lake.” Photo by a citizen reporter.





The next Dr. Goldfinger. Dec, 2020. Photo by his proud mom who’s planning a graduation party.


This  2 1/2 year old member of the Goldfinger clan is such a genius that he has already been accepted  (early admission) to medical school. It is contingent on his learning to speak in full sentences.  I plan to teach him to say two things:    1. “May I interest you in a prostate exam?”  and 2. “Yes, of course, I have a private practice in Boca Raton.”


And, while we are on a medical topic, remember to watch what you eat.    This song is called “Black Strap Molasses.”  It features Groucho Marx, Jimmy Durante, Danny Kaye and Jane Wyman.



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