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Turkey lurky time Blogfnger photo 5/8/19 © near the tents.



On Delaware Avenue near Mt. Tabor. 5/9/19 Eileen Goldfinger photo.


There is a wild turkey who lives in the Grove.   We think it is a female.  This one tends to hang out among the historic row houses along the edge of Founders Park. These homes are currently unoccupied, but everyone  of them is reserved for “the season.”  Big Bird has also been seen at the North End by Asbury Avenue and Mt. Tabor

Some of the locals feed the turkey.  We were alerted to her presence today, so we went over there.  (We will refer to her as “she” although we may soon hear from the gender police.)

This bird travels alone.  I think she is a bachelor who has it good in the Grove where she has no predators. She may be an escapee from the Hinck turkey farm in Wall Township off Belmar Blvd.

The bird seems to be domesticated because although she didn’t let me get very close, she just walked along with me following.   She walked  briskly past the tents and finally moved towards Wesley Lake, and then she vanished.




She brandished her wings at one point, but she didn’t fly.  Maybe she hangs out with the ducks, but she acts like she doesn’t give a quack.  Maybe she likes to go to A. Park on Saturday nights.

This turkey seems like a good citizen because she has no car to park.  When she strolled across Central Ave, she stayed between the white lines.   We suspect that she doesn’t pay ground rent.

After speaking to a person who knows of the bird in the Grove, we found out that she doesn’t have a name.

So, send in your name suggestions, and we will give a prize to whoever picks a good name.  The BF staff will judge the winner.


MEGAN SIKORA  from Promises, Promises.


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