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9/8/20. 8:30 am. OG boards. Paul Goldfinger photo. Notice the wet Trex boards with puddles.   Click to enlarge.

I went onto the boards at 8:30.  Everything was dry all around except for the boards which were diffusely wet with mild puddles   (see photo,)  and the entire surface was slippery.  The cyclist above was clinging to the edge.

The boards are made with Trex, a composite product.  Trex is made with plastic and wood, and it is not supposed to be slippery even when wet.   But  wet and slippery have been reported. Slippery is more likely if the patterned surface is installed on the bottom.

After about 45 minutes, the wet had pretty much dried, but during the wet and slippery phase I thought that a walker, runner or biker stood a risk of falling. I walked carefully.

I could not figure out how it got wet in the first place, and it definitely was slippery.  There had been no rain.

Here is a link to a post on BF about the use of Trex in Ocean Grove.

Trex in OG

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