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Founders’ Park Fitzgerald Memorial  Fountain. Morning.  Sept. 14, 2020. For Ted Bell who made it all possible.    Paul Goldfinger portrait. ©. Blogfinger.net.  Click to enlarge.


SIR EDWARD ELGAR:   “Chanson de Matin.”   (Morning Song). By the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

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1888 Map of Ocean Grove, courtesy of Ted Bell, HSOG.

1888 Map of Ocean Grove, courtesy of Ted Bell, HSOG.  Click to enlarge.

By Paul Goldfinger, MD, Editor Blogfinger.net.  (original post October 2015)

When we recently reported on the history of the Embury Arms Condominiums  (Embury Arms link ), some of you may have been surprised to discover that the project was built at the site of the Ocean Grove Stables.  We were discussing this geography with OG historian Ted Bell of the HSOG.

He went to his archives and sent us a map from 1888 (above).  In addition to showing the Stables and Hitching Grounds, there are some other interesting findings:

  1. The “plan” is titled Ocean Grove, Monmouth County, NJ  (ie no mention of Neptune Twp.)
  2. Main Street, outside the gates, is called “Turnpike”, and the north arrow points the way to Long Branch.
  3. The land west of Lawrence Avenue includes St Paul’s M.E. Church and rows of housing lots along the Turnpike  (Rt. 71 now)
  4. Founders’ Park is called Thompson Park on this plan.
  5. The boardwalk is called “plank walk.”  There were bathing pavilions at each end.
  6. The North End shows no commercial development because that came about 20 years later, so the historic OG North End was open and residential.
  7.  If you follow Mt. Hermon Way to its western end, there is Evergreen Park where Dunkin Donuts and the Amoco gas station are located today.


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