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Enthusiastic patriots down the row from Eileen and me.     Summer Stars 7/5/18. All photos and videos by Paul Goldfinger.

By Paul Goldfinger, MD, Editor at Blogfinger.net

Another season of Summer Stars unfolded with the Imperial Brass, a world-class group of 30 musicians who traveled to Ocean Grove to present a marvelous concert to 425 enthusiastic folks in the Great Auditorium on a hot summer July evening.

This was a special occasion for the group, because joining them was Phil Smith of Ocean Grove and the World.  Phil has a summer cottage in the Grove and he has played here before.   For  40 years he was principal trumpet with the NY Philharmonic.  And sometimes he plays during Sunday services in the Great Auditorium

In addition, our own Gordon Turk participated on the Hope-Jones organ, and there was another special guest:  Warren Vaché, jazz cornettist.

Probably the most impressive part of the concert was when Gordon Turk conducted an ensemble of 10 brass players to do a brilliant piece called “Grand Choeur Dialogué”  I was mesmerized.

The three soloists were amazing  with gorgeous tones and technique, so we have some video clips.—turn up your volume.     And the Imperial Brass were absolutely the best. To hear such an accomplished group perform within the acoustics of the GA was a great privilege.





I cannot express how wonderful this concert was. Our tickets cost $29.00 for two. Sitting near me was Congressman Frank Pallone.  We talked music for  about 30 seconds after the concert ended—he stayed for every note.  I’ve seen him there before.   Don’t miss all the Thursday Summer Stars  concerts coming up. The seats are not reserved.

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Slowly she turned and looked around;  the Blogfinger cow stared in our direction and wondered, “Why don’t people eat mor chiken?” Blogfinger photo ©.


a.  Medical.  Many new cars have keyless ignition fobs.  Unless the car is engineered with a warning mechanism, it is possible to walk away, carrying  your fob, while the engine continues to run. If you pull into a garage, there can be deaths or injury due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

b. Songs on a Summer Afternoon.

Source: OGCMA summer program guide 2018.

This remarkable recital series will return this year with operatic vocal music.  It will begin on July 1 and will carry forward on July 15, July 22, July 29, August 5 and August 12. The stars are Ronald Naldi (tenor) Monica Ziglar (soprano,) Justin Beck (bass-baritone, and Katherine Pracht (mezzo-soprano).  The program is provided by the CMA in the Youth Temple, and there is no charge.

RONALD NALDI  “Rondine al nido.”

c.   Free Memorial Day Concert on Saturday May 26 with the Atlantic Wind Ensemble at 8 pm in the Great Auditorium sponsored by the OGCMA who feature it as the”kick off of their 149th. summer season.   The concert will feature patriotic/military anthem and popular marches.  The ensemble is conducted by Dennis T. Eschbach who replaced Harry  Eichhorn as director 5 years ago

d.  Blog stats for May 15, 2018;   900 visits.  Most popular topic is about the three hour parking; then the Town-Wide Yard Sale report; then the mega events.

e.  Here’s an uplifting event in OG:  Neptune Township High School graduation.  At least walk over towards the end and witness the scene when they all emerge from the Great Auditorium.  We will be photographing that happy time:   June 21  ?6 pm


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Talk about posting something on the church door.....The Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove. Blogfinger photo. Click to read all about it.

Talk about posting something on the church door…..The Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove. Blogfinger photo. Click to enlarge and read all about it.  After all, isn’t Bach better than rock?

ALTENBURY BOYS CHOIR.    “Ave Verum  K 618″  From the movie ‘Lorenzo’s Oil.”

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By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger

There was a hot time in the old town tonight as classical music fans came to the Great Auditorium, despite humid heat and a rain storm, to hear the conclusion of the 2015 Classical Music Series “Summer Stars” in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, USA.

Before the event began, a small flotilla of umbrellas showed up, but right before the concert, the rain stopped and we got a brief video.

This series, known for its excellence, is the universe’s biggest concert bargain at $16.00 a ticket. And you get to hear the program in the amazing Great Auditorium, a vast wooden hall with astounding acoustics, admired by musicians from all over the world. They call it “great” for good reasons including the fact that you could drive a locomotive on its roof, if you were so inclined. Just ask Wayne “Ted” Bell, Cindy Bell, and Darryl Dufresne, authors of the definitive book about the Great Auditorium, for sale at the OG Historical Society.

It was an organ extravaganza presided over by Maestro Jason Tramm and organ Master Gordon Turk—both men in residence in Ocean Grove for the summer. They appeared tonight with the Hope Jones Organ which is in permanent residence in the Grove and with the Grand Orchestra, aka the MidAtlantic Opera Orchestra , which flew in for the event, travelling up and down the Garden State Parkway to reach exit 100.

Although I have been known to whine about the sound amplification in the GA, this ensemble was heard clear as a bell (it didn’t need amplification,) and when the Grand Orchestra and the Great Organ joined in together, it was auditory magnificence–almost orgasmic if you are an oboe player. Every hearing aid in the room had to be dialed down, and the hairs on the back of some necks stood straight up during the St. Saëns.

The concert featured a delicate and lovely rendition of Alexandre Guilmant’s Symphony No. 1 in D Minor, opus 42. And we enjoyed the familiar Pavanne (below) by Gabriel Fauré.   It was so hot in the room that some people got a Fauré look in their eyes, but later they were wide awake during the Organ Symphony.

Eileen had the good saëns to bring a fan. It is a Sousa fan for fans of Sousa.  And, speaking of Sousa’s Marine Band, what was missing?–it was the Star Spangled Banner.

Camille Saint-Saëns’ Symphony No. 3 in C Minor is called the Organ Symphony for good reason. Gordon Turk got everyone’s attention when he let loose with 11,000 pipes of vacillating hot air. That sound would make anybody’s pancreas vibrate, and it is so beautiful in the hands (and feet) of Gordon Turk

Below are some St.Saëns video segments.   The whole concert was being video’d by professionals up in the rafters. I, on the other hand, was making movies from my seat with an iPhone, so you have to excuse the sudden stops, the backs of the heads that were in my way which absorbed some of the sound.

If you are the sort of music fan who likes some parts of symphonies, but you can’t wait to get to the end, I have saved the end for you; it’s like the tush on a roast chicken—very yummy and satisfying at the end. See the last video below.

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Summer Stars Clasical Flyer_web2015



ELISABETH GANTER with  The Pilsen Radio Symphony  Orchestra.  Mozart’s  Concerto in A major for Clarinet and Orchestra, K622: II, Adagio.


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