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This topic is suggested by David Lurie of Ocean Grove who has included a link to the New York Times, December 9, 2013 issue. The paragraph below is written by him:

“Worth reading. Here are some examples of the actual people who are being helped, and who have been paying huge prices for our current system of providing (or not providing) care.  I  found telling the example of immigrants from China who – as children – had to return there for medical treatment and pharmaceuticals.  The cancer patient who was skimping on his chemo was more than a bit disturbing as well.  These realities, it seems to me, need to be reckoned with by anyone who want to nullify the ACA.”

Here is the link from today’s NY Times.

Amid the Uproar Over the Health Law, Voices of Quiet Optimism and Relief 

Blogfinger Medical Commentary:   By Paul Goldfinger, MD, FACC

We already know about some positive results that have occurred with Obamacare, including  the elimination of pre-existing illness restrictions by insurance companies, allowing young people to stay on their parents’ plan and the removal of dollar caps from health insurance plans.

But besides that, at this point, we have mostly promises which include providing coverage to over 30 million people. However we know that promises don’t count—only results–because of the broken promises regarding keeping your insurance and your doctors.

The New York Times article linked below by David Lurie is inspiring, and we all welcome relief for those in need, but putting out anecdotes like this will convince only the naive that the new healthcare system will make our country healthier.

We need to wait until  at least 2014 to learn how well the ACA is working in terms of the practice of medicine. I have been repeating that mantra and I will look forward to seeing documentation of success in the form of numbers and not anecdotes. If Obamacare delivers on its promises, then we all can jump on board and be happy.  But if it fails, then we will need to reinvent healthcare in the US.

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