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Heading south on the OG Boardwalk.  No high rise to block his view.  Photograph by Bob Bowné .  March, 2015. ©

Heading south on the OG Boardwalk. No high rise to block his view. Photograph by Bob Bowné . March, 2015. ©

As most of you know, we recently posted some videos describing the successful struggle to block the construction of a high-rise condo building at Ocean Grove’s South End.   Our source calls himself “Exgrover. ”  It’s not exactly as provocative a pseudonym as “Deep Throat,” but it’s good enough for jazz.

Now our source has come up with two more related video tapes which we should have available soon.

This is Exgrover’s comment to us today about the  tapes which will be sent to us regarding the  South End high rise that never was:

“One of the tapes  is a very well attended Board of Adjustment meeting taking place Friday night at the start of Labor Day weekend. The next meeting took place on Feb 5th – the tapes I posted. Neptune would always have the hearings in the dead of winter – —stretch them so the crowds would get discouraged and also thin them out. The Florida birds would miss the meetings. All done on purpose.

“Neptune was also famous when there was a really big turnout, the developer would ask for a postponement, or a document was missing… or some other excuse… We would all be sitting there and then they would announce the meeting was being rescheduled to some ungodly date in the coldest time of the year. Made the organizers look bad.

“The other tape is the Historic Sites Committee giving its report to the Township.  I will clarify the content later, but I think they wanted to make changes to the zoning so it would be easier for the South End developer to ram his proposal through. These two videos are shorter than the last two.”

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Exgrover is sympathetic to our efforts to expose the heebie jeebies going on with regard to the current  (2007) North End Redevelopment Plan.   We asked Exgrover to find some material to explain the tape reference to a North End Plan in 1986.  Do any of you have information about that?  You can be anonymous on Blogfinger. Just email us at Blogfinger@verizon.net.    Or drop us a snail mail to 113 Mt. Hermon Way where our investigative reporter Chico will sniff out the truth.    —PG @Blogfinger.
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