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Wesley Lake, Ocean Grove, New Jersey ? date

Wesley Lake, Ocean Grove, New Jersey
? date

By Lois Whitaker:

It was a Sunday..my little sister Elizabeth and I had happily put on our favorite summer dresses. How we loved those dresses!!| Mama said we were her lovely little ladies, daddy just kept calling us his little princesses.
What do I remember when I look at this picture? We were loved. The day was a beautiful one and we skipped down the sidewalk to meet up with Daddy. (well…mama strolled….we skipped!). Daddy was coming home from work and you see, he had the BEST job in the world in this seven year old’s eyes. NO ONE had a better job in Ocean Grove. Our dad ran the ferris wheel! He was the happiest guy on the boardwalk and bragged to everyone when his little princesses came to ride his wonderful ride. He grinned from ear to ear. Those were the good old days…summertime, sunshine and a lot of love.


EDITOR’S NOTE:   We asked for writers to submit a one paragraph piece of fiction related to this postcard, with the winner to receive a prize.  There were six entries, and all can be read in the comments section below. The judging was done without knowing the authors’ names. Everyone was quite good, and we thank all the contestants.

Congratulations to our winner, Lois Whitaker.   She wins a signed, hand crafted, black and white photograph by Paul Goldfinger.


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