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Ocean Grove: The goal is to defend its history, unique character,  and its current life-styles. Paul Goldfinger photograph ©


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger


Both letters are relevant to Kevin Chambers guest editorial above.

They are from the State of New Jersey, Department of Community Affairs, Division of Codes and Standards, SIAB (Site Improvement Advisory Board.)


SIAB is the same body which was going to hear the Neptune Township’s request for a special parking standard in 2016, but the Neptuners backed out when a number of Grovers showed up in Trenton for the hearing.


Looking back to 2005, that letter, addressed to the Township Planning Board is signed by Mary Ellen Handelman of the New Jersey SIAB.


Neptune Township was then seeking permission (i.e. a “special area standard”) to require “only on-street parking as a policy for all future residential development in Ocean Grove .”


But the SIAB’s letter said, “The Township’s own ordinance standards for parking conflict with the RSIS.”


It pointed out that when the RSIS was signed into law, “it stipulated that technical standards for parking as established in the RSIS would supersede any and all such municipal rules.”


It also said, “Since June 3, 1997 when RSIS became effective, Neptune Township’s ordinance for these standards became invalid. The RSIS are uniform statewide infrastructure standards that apply to all site improvements for residential development.”


On September 29, 2009, the state of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs SIAB wrote a letter to a consultant representing Neptune Township regarding the town’s 2009 application for a special area parking standard which would prohibit off-street parking in new residential development in Ocean Grove.


In the letter, it informed Neptune that their application was denied.   It said, “In the absence of an approved special area standard, Neptune township must comply with the parking standards in the RSIS. Any local ordinances on parking are “deemed to have been repealed and of no further force or effect, as specified at N.J.A.C. 5:21-1.10 (b)

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