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“The New Moon.”  Greetings from Igor Timkovsky. Sent to the Goldfinger family. September 19, 2020. ©


Igor Timkovsky is a big fan of Ocean Grove’s.  He is a poet and an artist.     He loves to come here with his family each summer, but this year he had to stay home. Igor is a Jewish immigrant from Russia and he is very appreciative of being an American.


From Igor to Paul :  Sept. 21, 2020.

I would like to say that for a person like me who came from the former Soviet Union where Jews were not able to openly celebrate Jewish holidays,  it is very rewarding to be appreciated and understood by American Jewish people.  
Thank you again for your time and kindness.



Igor  wrote a poem about OG.  A  link to that post is below.

Igor’s poem about Ocean Grove





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Stan Shapiro, Commander of Jersey Shore Post 125, Jewish War Veterans (JWV) of the USA.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor:

Commander Shapiro served during the Korean War.

Norm Ginsburg, the Quartermaster of Post 125 JWV, has sent New Years wishes to the veterans of Post 125.   He wished a “healthy and happy New Year, Shanah Tovah,  to you and yours on behalf of the officers and Board of Post 125.”  He used email.  We should have used walkie talkies.

“Shanah Tovah” is a good greeting to say to someone who is Jewish—there are longer versions, but this one will do nicely.   It means “Happy New Year.”

Jews have served in all of America’s wars, going back to the Revolutionary War.  Post 125 has a surprising number of WW II survivors. Last year they honored 20 WW II vets.  But the vast majority of WWII surviving vets are now gone including my 4 Uncles and Eileen’s Dad.

I belong to Post #125 where I sometimes attend their meetings when there is a short program and a free lunch.  I will be selling poppies for Veterans Day on  Nov 5 and 7 at the Shrewsbury Shop- Rite.

This may be my most dangerous tour of duty given the drivers in those Shop- Rite parking lots.   I was a Navy cardiologist during the Vietnam era, but I was stationed at the 1,400 bed Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia. I fought the Battle of Virginia Beach.  We welcomed the POW’s back.

My most dangerous duty then was during formal inspections when my fellow physicians wore swords and thankfully none ever drew one. I still have mine in Ocean Grove in case a Barbary pirate shows up in my bedroom.

Eileen is preparing her annual Rosh Hashanah dinner.  She bought a load of food, to be served to 6 1/4  people–including our grandson Noah.  Families tend to get smaller as time goes by. This year Noah will be able to sample Eileen’s pot roast. And when he talks, I will teach him his first joke, “Don’t let your pot roast!”   (or maybe “Take my wife, please.”)

Here’s a link to last year’s Rosh Hashanah report.  You will find a reference to Eileen’s famous pot roast.



Blowing the shofar. Artist unknown. Internet image.


THOMAS WIMMER:  “Rachel’s Dance” from an album of Sephardic music from Spain.


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