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Robert Morse (1959) in Take Me Along

Robert Morse (1959) in Take Me Along


By  Carl Swenson of Ocean Grove.  (Carl was a Broadway performer a few years ago.)


Paul, you just had to post a Robert Morse clip!   So I hunted down my early recording from one of my favorite B’way shows of all time, Take Me Along. A Jackie Gleason vehicle  based on Ah, Wilderness, an O’Neill comedy of all things.

I know you like B’way stuff. Since it’s O’Neill, alcohol figures in the plot of course, lol. Wonderful show with great music by Robert Merrill if you don’t know it. Great cast too! Walter Pidgeon, Eileen Herlie and Una Merkle!

Here’s Morse, playing a 16 year old at age 28 from the cast recording in 1959!   The song is called “Nine O’Clock.”



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