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From Anonymoose:    “This is to the person who hopes people move out of town after the assessment….Be careful what you wish for…Those moving in are using their homes as rentals properties …3/4 of the town is for rent… You just might get the other 1/4 rented too!”

Anonymoose is referring  to a prior commenter who said that rising real estate taxes could be a good thing if it stimulated the owners of derelict houses to sell.

His assertion above that 75% of OG houses are rental properties seems absurd, and Anonymoose did not identify the source of that statement.  No one should accept what he says without verification. However  it is being posted here as a stimulus to learn more about the issue of rentals in the Grove.

I actually thought that there were less rental properties due to the trend of new owners whose properties are second homes that are actually used by the owners.

If there is anyone out there from the real estate community  who can tell us what percent of residences in the Grove is for rent, please let us know. Or perhaps some of you out there who pay attention to real estate in town might have an idea.

Paul Goldfinger, Editor Blogfinger

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