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Under the Coney Island boardwalk. c. 1960. By Bruce Davidson ©

Under the Coney Island boardwalk. c. 1959. By Bruce Davidson ©





By Charles Pierre.


This splintered swath

with its burning masses,

where nothing can grow,


hides a cool path

of sand and grasses

directly below,


a place of laughs

and eager kisses

only the teens know.


From the author’s 2014 collection Coastal Moments, Hayland Press, New York.


k.d. lang

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Ocean Grove. November 28,  2014. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©



Toward Winter


By Charles Pierre.


In late November, after the abundance

of summer and early fall, when withered

vines and leaves deepen the solitude

of the land, one can walk almost unseen,

like the wind coursing through bare trees

or a dust mote crossing a shaft of sunlight.

In this diminished scene, the emptiness

can unburden, almost free, the self,

until one becomes aware of the season

but not the date, on an hourless afternoon,

neither mild nor cold, the slight stiffness

in the joints a certain sign of the short

clipped days and long crystalline nights

to come, as one walks the hardening earth,

with a hunger for less and less of the year,

into the devouring mouth of December.




BEVERLY KENNEY   from Sings For Johnny Smith

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Hi Paul:

Greetings from chilly Manhattan.  For those of us stuck in the ice and snow of the Northeast, idyllic days in Florida are, at best, the stuff of warm dreams. Here is “Northern Reverie,” a poem from my 2009 collection, Green Vistas.

Best wishes,
Charles Pierre

...dreams of warm tropic waters.... By Paul Goldfinger, 2013.

…dreams of warm tropic waters…. By Paul Goldfinger, 2013.  ©


Northern Reverie


It is winter here and the emptiness

of seascape extends in all directions.

This is the season of solitary walks

across miles of ice-crusted shoreline,

when the sun burns with a muted fire

and time slows against a gunmetal sky,

when the gulls alone are full of vigor

and scavenge in long drifts of debris

spread by the frigid tides. It is now


that my weariness with cold weather

leads to dreams of Caribbean beaches

dotted with palms, shells and bright

umbrellas, where warm tropic waters

relax my knotted body, as I swim

with over-arm stroke and even kick

to strengthen my limbs for the trek

to spring, which lingers so far away

from the snow along this frozen coast. 


CAMILLE    “Le Festin” from the movie  Ratatouille

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