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Mt. Hermon Way–one of four houses to adopt the SOS philosophy. August 11, 2020. ©. Blogfinger.net

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger.net

Enough is enough! The largest citizen group  in the Grove are the tax-paying homeowners and renters—a largely secular, not yet organized, organization of thousands of parkers. (The last census had about 3,000 of census qualified people, but now we have many second homers in town–and that group is growing, and most are not census eligible in OG.)

It is time for Grovarian residents to provide a parking advantage for themselves, because the self-indulgent CMA,  the obscenely indifferent Neptune Township, the gutless Home Groaners, and the Not-So-Better Parking Alliance have failed to help us.

It is the opinion of a growing number of town residents that it is eminently reasonable, ethical,  and legal to save a space using a variety of tools such as cones or cone-like objects (see photo above) or to use creative parking techniques to save a space.  You can even use your mother-in-law.

We propose an insurrection, something like the French Revolution, but without the guillotine, where residents save spaces for themselves when they have to go out for any reason.

On our block we already have four homes participating.  Karl, one of our neighbors, said that he is “tired of not getting help—some sort of preference–to make it more tolerable to live in this town and pay, as in his case, $12,000 per year in taxes.”

If many more join the SOS movement, it will be unassailable.  Would the dopey Town Committee dare to produce an ordinance banning this?   It probably would be unconstitutional.  Let the CMA take us to court as they threatened to do a few years ago over parking permits.

”Do You Hear the People Sing?”       Cast of Les Miserables:

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